Black Moustache The Written Chapters: January 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

Chinese New Year Holiday

blogger-mysweetden.blogspot.comXin nian kuai le!!Hehe...I hope I'm saying the right thing.It's supposed to mean happy Chinese New Year.I learned it from my Chinese friends.But anyway,I'm so happy because today I'm going back to my hometown.:16:
After such a long tiring week,I'm really looking forward for this moment.Home sweet home.No matter what kind of house you have,it's the people who lives inside it that makes it worth.Although I've gotten used to staying away from my family(I've staying away from them for more than two years already^0^) but I'm still getting excited to meet them and just stay at home.Because when I'm at home I can forget all the pressures in studies.
Eating with your family definitely way better than eating outside food or the take-away.So at 3 o'clock today,I'll take the train to my hometown.It's about 6 hours journey and I usually sleep in the train until it reaches my hometown.:face64:
As for now in my parents house,there are only the two of them since I'm away at the south region to study and my younger brother at the north region undergoing national service.Haha,I laughed when I heard he's going to the national service.I went for national service too,but since I'm quite outgoing and I've been to various kind of camps my parents didn't really worry about me.But everyone started to worry when my brother is going to the national service.Because he's kinda a home guy,he didn't go out with friends,instead his friends will come to our house to meet him.And he wasn't active in clubs or societies either,so he's never stay away from my parents.But he's doing okay now at the national service.He'll call me whenever they allowed him to use his cellphone.Going to meet him this holiday although he'll come back a little later.
Alright,I'm going to take a shower now and after that have my lunch before I start my if I'm going far.Again,happy Chinese New Year,eat lots of mandarin and moon cake but take care of yourself too everyone.Bye!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Most Challenging Week

Yep,although my semester has just started and it's still early in 2011,I already have one of the most challenging week ever.:Aigoo!:(It seemed like this is a week of tests or something like that.I have 4 tests from Monday to Thursday.And it's frustrating to have tests at the beginning of the semester.While my friends are still enjoying the start of semester(before we have to put our head for a series of assignments and ermm,tests) I have to push that all away and prepare for my tests.
And it's even worse when my lecturer for Ethnic Relationships course decided that she didn't want to be one of those typical lecturer who put on slides or PowerPoint presentation and talk away while the students at the back busy doing something else.So,instead of just being a simple lecturer she wanted to give us a test in every class and said that we can all study the course by heart if we just read the subjected reference book thoroughly.I and my friends were dumbfounded at first,but it seemed she's serious.Not only she's giving us a test every week,she also provided us with homework or mini-assignment.I hate it very much.It just mean that I have to used up my time to study her course a little more than the rest of the courses I'm taking.And it's just a university course,it's not even my core courses!
So I have Life Processes test on Monday,Ethnic Relationships on Tuesday,Biology Organism on Wednesday and English on Thursday.I've been overloading my brain with so many information these few days that I feel my head is so heavy right now.:face37:
Besides the tests,I have also started working on the assignments assigned to us.But it seemed that there's nothing much can be done until we come back from the coming holiday.It's Chinese New Year soon and we're given a week holidays.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comAll I want to do during this holiday is having fun and staying away from those scary notes and heavy references book.But no,the lecturers have to remind us that there will be a test for each subjects we are taking as soon as we come back from the holidays.And I'm taking 8 subjects altogether.I just feel like dying.And it's not helping knowing that this semester is shorter that the last semester.I'm not doing good in the last semester although I only took 6 subjects(5 papers during exam since one of the course is practical).
My country is changing the system so that,instead of having the usual 2 months break between semesters,we'll have a long break of 4 months after one study year which consist of 2 semesters.I don't know if it'll better with the long break but no break between semesters in the same year or it'll make our lives harder.I just have to apply the mood of wait and see I guess.
I really hope I'm going to be okay for this

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What Is Happiness

Today I went out with my roommates and a friend of us to the town. We planned to buy a few things before we go back to our hometown for the Chinese New Year holidays. A day with a group of people you like is indeed fun and satisfying although I’m actually having a test on Monday’s morning:face4:. While we were on the train to our destination, there’re a few people that caught my attention. It’s quite a habit of mine that whenever I’m on the train or a bus I’ll watch the people around me.I’ve been watching many kind of people while on the train and today is not different from the rest.However,a family of three made me to look at the people around me with a different view.
So I noticed this family which consist of a husband and a wife.Apparently they have a daughter about 4-5 years old (I’m not so good in guessing age,it’s a small kid) and a maid.I don’t know how they ended up on the train,I mean,judging from their appearance and the fact that they can afford a maid,just give us the thought that they should have a car.They were dressing so casually I doubt they’re on a working duty or something like that.It’s Sunday after all.However,the little girl stayed with the maid at one part of the train while the parents at another side of the train.The parents didn’t even look at their child instead,the husband was busy doing something with his cellphone while the wife kept on staring at the view outside the window.
I didn’t know they were related until the little girl ran towards her parents to show the cookies she’s eating.However,she barely came close to them,the wife had waved her hand as a signal for the little girl to go back to the maid.The little girl obeyed her nonetheless,going back to the maid.However,feeling dissatisfied,the little girl came again to her parents while she’s eating her cookies.The parents once again,asked her to leave them and the maid had to take her away from the parents.After finished eating her cookies,the girl went to her parents again,and this time the husband gave a high five to the little girl.The little girl kept on high-fiving her parents for a while before the parents once again told her to go back to her seat.While she was high-fiving with her parents,I noticed how the dull look in her face changed immediately to a bright smile and she kept on laughing and jumping in front of her parents.Her genuine smile and simple laugh made me realized something.
That’s when I started to look at the people around me.The family is the first one coming to my mind.I’m pitying the little girl.She seemed to not be getting enough attention she deserves from her parents.And then a question came to my mind.If the couple had time to go out on weekends why don’t they spend the time with their child?Why would they let the maid to sit with their child instead of them who should be doing it?Although the little girl kept on coming to them a few times,they pushed her away as if she’s disturbing them.Why?What were they so busy with at that time?Busy looking outside the window?Or busy looking at the messages in the cellphone?While they were in the train,they had like about 20 minutes to spend together and what they did?Letting the maid to take care of their child.And out of the 20 minutes,only about less than five minutes they actually communicate with their child by high-fiving.And after that?Nothing else.
Then I saw others around me.A woman with formal outfit,probably working although it’s weekends.There’re a few young couples and bunch of students just like me.Tourists and foreign workers were in the train too.And there was an old man,although he still looked strong,his wrinkles can’t hide the fact that he’s old.And a few middle-aged citizen sitting at a seat supposed to be for the disabled,pregnant woman and old citizen.And no one offered his or her place to the old man.Although the seat belongs to him actually.(I’m also standing,so I can’t do anything about it sad).I’m not about to blame anyone here,I just want to tell you guys what I’ve seen and what I’ve thought. Thanks to the little girl I came to realized about happiness.What is the meaning of happiness?The real meaning of it?It’s not something you can look at the encyclopedia,thesaurus or Wikipedia.And it’s not something you can define by right and wrong.A friend of mine once said as a human,to complete this life and to have the satisfy feeling of living there are 4 stages to be fulfill.Gaining knowledge(studying),having a career(working),finding a soulmate(marriage) and own a family(spouse and childrens).So since I’m still studying,I still have a long way to go to find real happiness and satisfaction in life?Is that what it means?If that’s the case what about those people who already have career and family?Why they are still out there,struggling with their works and neglecting their family?Probably not all is like that but mostly are.I don’t know and nor do I understand about this.So again I’m not blaming anyone.I’m just sharing my thought. But today,seeing the little girl and the fact that I’m away from my family,(My family have never separated from each others,but now I’m at the south region,and my brother too had just gone to the north region,leaving my parents alone at home at the middle region) I came up with my own definition of happiness.It may not be apply to everyone else,but I know it can make me happy,so it’s the real meaning of happiness to me.So,what’s the meaning of happiness to me?

• It’s my mother nag about how girls need to wake up early when I wake up in the afternoon
• It’s asking my mother to make omelet for me for breakfast
• It’s talking back to my mother when she asks me to clean the mess in my room
• It’s changing the channel to my favorite when my mother watched her favorite soap opera
• It’s listening to my favorite rock band and she said she’s going to be deaf soon
• It’s leaving my dirty laundry for my mother to do it for me
• It’s refusing to help her in the kitchen to prepare the meal
• It’s listening to one of her lectures of how a girl need to behave
• It’s asking her money to buy me a new cellphones
• It’s commenting on her outdated music tastes
• It’s watching WWE on the television with my father and brother
• It’s leaving my things at the sitting room and let my father to clear it
• It’s going to the night market with him
• It’s arguing on a football match with him
• It’s listening to him playing guitar while I sing along
• It’s waiting for him to get out of the bathroom (my father takes a very long bath>.<)
• It’s staying up late and making him worry about me
• It’s watching a late night movies with him
• It’s asking him to prepare a drink for me
• It’s playing chess with my younger brother
• It’s sharing our favorite anime together
• It’s watching our favorite series on the television together
• It’s taking the television remote from our parents so that we can watch our favorite channel
• It’s sharing our favorite songs together
• It’s sharing our secrets together
• It’s fighting over so many things we don’t want to share
• It’s threatening to tell our parents about the secrets whenever we’re fighting
• It’s sneering at his spiky hair style
• It’s looking smug when he get scolded by our parents
• It’s bullying him to for my good use
• It’s giving a lesson to someone who bullied him
• It’s having every meals together as a family
• It’s going out together
• It’s watching the channel we all love together
• It’s singing to the song we love together
• It’s loving each others in our own way that nobody else can understand

There are so much more to define the happiness.But I think you guys already have the idea of how I’m defining the happiness.So have I gain the happiness I’m talking about?The answer is yes,it’s there right in front of me.But it’s just me who didn’t realized it until I’m away from my family.Happiness is not our destination,the way people always tell us,but it’s a way of living our life.We can choose to be happy simply by appreciating people around us a little more than they deserved or we can choose to gain happiness by trying to create a perfect living style,with good career,great spouse and stable finance.Wow,this time I’m writing too long.Really too long.Don’t mind me.:Smile:(

Friday, January 21, 2011

Justin Bieber Followed Me On Twitter (^__^)

Alright,I know it's a little bit childish...but I like him a lot...for me he's talented,it doesn't matter about all those gossips.He's one those talented young singer and I've been following him on twitter since months ago.He's normal and he doesn't get stuck up with all the popularities he gained.He's still that normal boy from Canada.
Just like the rest of his fans,I opened my twitter account initially just to follow him.And soon I met a lot of other people from different parts of the world who shared the same interest with me.And we call ourselves beliebers.We are not just a fan,in fact we are supporters who will support Justin until the end.Now you may think that I like Justin more than Jay Chou.To be honest,no there a few others I like more than Justin.But the fact that Justin hasn't changed although he's became a celebrity makes me to adore him so much.
And today,21st January 2011,Justin Bieber followed me on Twitter
It's totally out of my expectation.I've been so busy since the end of my first semester which is around November last year and I hadn't been on Twitter since then.And this week I opened my Twitter but I didn't see Justin's tweets at all.I should have known because Justin had always tweet when it's around 8 o'clock in my country.Then I opened my Twitter account again today at 12 o'clock(it should be midnight at Justin place if I'm not mistaken).And I'm not expecting to see him tweet at that time and the reason why I opened my account was because I'm so boring I didn't know what else to do.(I practically opened every accounts I have,facebook,youtube,tumblr,tagged,skype and etc).And just like I thought,he didn't tweet.So I thought he's offline.There's only two three tweets I tweeted.The first two is just like greetings and asking how everyone's doing and then I got really bored so I tweeted about Justin not following me and right after that I just logged out.I slept and I woke around 5 o'clock,feel bored and once again opened my Twitter account and my followers numbers increased a lot.It makes me wonder.Then i looked at my mentions and everyone told me that Justin Bieber has followed me.
     I didn't believe it at first and I looked through my followers list and there it is,Justin Bieber account following me.(^__^)And I was like screaming on top of my voice and my roommates started to check out on me.I'm so happy right now.That's all.If I keep on writing now I'll probably just keep on taking nonsense and crap.Okay then,have a good day everyone.(^__^)

Kaidou Kaoru-The Viper

Kaidou Kaoru
School:Seishun Gakuen Jr.High (2nd year class 7)
Date of birth:11th May
Blood type:B
Special skills:Snake shot
Favorite food:Soba,yogurt,100% pure juice
Favorite brands:Puma(shoes),Head(racket)
Favorite phrase:Pshuu…(emm snake sound?)

Personal view:Having a stern look that can make others scared just by looking at him isn’t the main reason why he is feared by many tennis players.He is very determined in winning a match with his own method although it means he have to injure himself.He is a hardworking person who is willing to do anything in order to improve himself.He is often 
seen practicing tennis or running to improve his skills or increasing his stamina.He even followed Inui’s impossible program to make himself stronger. He has a high stamina and can last longer in a match compared to any other players.In Seigaku tennis he usually played in single.However,there are a few times he played in double with his senpai,Inui especially during the time Inui was helping him to complete his Boomerang Snake technique.He also has played double with Momoshiro another 2nd year member in the team who is also his rival.They fought a lot in the series and try to outmatch each other in various situation as they see each others as a rival.He can easily get mad whenever Momoshiro said something ridiculous or didn’t take seriously over a matter.Although their relationship is not smooth,they understand each other perfectly and know each other weaknesses and strengths.This make them as a complete pairs in double.In the series,it shows that in his 3rd year,after they won the national tournament,Kaidou became the captain of Seigaku tennis club.He definitely gains my respect for being so hardworking and determined in tennis.Now Kaido-kun,don’t get mad at me for telling others about you.(^v^)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

International Food and Cultures Fair

Korean food Topokki
Emm....yummy,yummy,for yesterday and today,my university is having an International Food and Cultures Fair.Too bad I couldn't go for it yesterday since my schedule was full. But I made a time to go the fair today after my 12 o'clock class,during my lunch time.Since my university has a lot of foreign students as well,there are many countries has joined the fair.There are Yemen,Nigeria,Iran,Myanmar,China,South Korea,Indonesia,Chad,Sudan and other countries as well.Forgive me for not remembering all of them,I've a bad memory capacity..:P
    I got all excited when I see various foods from different countries.I feel like I want to taste all of them.(^_^) I like food and I love to eat so much.It's probably the second thing I like to do the most beside sleeping..:D Alright,stop talking about me,it's the food that I want to talk about actually.Some of the food looks strange to me,my countries don't have most of the food in the fair(I think that's why the fair is held in the first place,right?). I learned a lot of other countries foods' name.I tasted a few foods too and it's all delicious. I met a lot of foreigner and we exchanged a little details about ourselves.
China La Mian^_^
    One of the most interesting things I get to see in the fair(beside eating those delicious foreign foods) is a guy from China making a la mian.La mian is a hand-pulled noodles.The Chinese guy folded,tossed and stressed a lump of dough continuously until it forms a long and thin strands of noodles.I watched the young Chinese guy(possibly in his early 20's judging from his appearance) did it a few times with amazement.He tossed and folded the noodles effortlessly as if it's a piece of cake and within a couple of minutes there it is,a beautifully made la mian.I asked him how long does it take for him to learn to do the la mian.He didn't know any English,so someone had to translate my question to his language.Then he answered it took him about one year and a half to learn it.I think he must have been doing it at least a hundred times everyday for him to master the skill.
    So what food do I get to taste during the fair?Sadly,I didn't have enough money to buy all the foods in the faair:"( So I chose a few foods that I wanted to taste.One of them,of course is the la mian noodles.After requesting the guy to make the la mian in front of me for two times,how could I don't buy it?I just have to taste the fresh hand-made noodles myself.Even at the first look,the noodles looked different from the one I used to buy from the local stall.And when I tasted it,it's even better.The taste is just right,I can't explain it.It has enough flavor and the textures were so smooth but not too soft and it's springy.And I love the sight of the imperfections in the noodles,like it's not well formed at a small end parts of it.You know,it's a hand-made noodles,so it's not the perfect cylinder-like noodles produce by the machine like you always see.
Korean pancake Pa Jeon^_^
    Besides the noodles,I also have a taste of Korean food.Is it because I watched too many Korean dramas,so now I'm interested in their foods too?But anyway,there are two foods that I tasted.Pa jeon and tteobokki.Pa jeon is like a Korean vegetables pancake.It is full with green onions and is eaten with a kind of sauce,to me it appear like a ketchup?I'm not so sure.When I asked the Korean,they tried to explain it to me,but most of the ingredients name are in Korean,so it's hard for me to know what it is.But it's definitely tasty and I want to eat it again if I got the chance.Probably I will search for the recipe in the internet and try to do it myself(^_^)That's even better.
    Topokki is a stir-fried rice cake and can be found at many streets stall in Korea.They told me it's hot and spicy(and it is spicy for me,but my friend said she didn't feel it's spicy,emm...depends on the person eating it) but anyway it's so tasty I want to eat it again someday!Hehe..too bad I can't taste all of the foods in the fair.There are also other foods from other countries that gained it's own fans,but since I didn't get to taste it,I don't know much of other foods,so I can't write it here.Besides China and South Korea;Yemen,Iran,Chad and Indonesia too have their share of the spotlight during the fair.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

                                    I AM AN EXAM-ORIENTED STUDENT
     What a statement.But believe it or not,that's an understatement to describe what kind of student I am.I'm certainly not one of those studious student(on contrast,I can be classified as those lazy student..I honestly didn't take my studies seriously until it's a week  away from examination.I enter my classes late,if I'm lucky,I'll be a few seconds earlier than my lecturers and when I'm not I'm about 5-10 minutes later than the lecturer.I'm not proud of it,but having done that since my secondary school,(I'm a good student during my primary school,yeah,I wonder too where the hell the good and obedient me when I entered secondary school?) it's hard now to change my bad habit.I do focus in classes,I do take notes to the lecture and all,but that's like 1 out of five classes,when I'm in a good mood and full with enthusiasm.The rest of the time,I looked at my lecturer face once in a while,jot down probably just the topic and subtopic but spent the entire class to message with my best friends or just scribble anything on the paper that's supposed to be filled with all the important points of the lecture.
     When I was in matriculation college,my habit became worse.I don't like the lectures at all,I don't think I can focus inside the class and I can't even stand to sit for the whole hours in the lecture hall.Thinking that I couldn't learn anything if I continued to stay in the lectures,I decided to skip the lectures.I skipped almost 70% of the lectures and only came for the tutorials since well,the tutorial class is so small that the tutor knew everyone in there and somehow during that particular time,all the tutors kinda noticed me a lot that others.The tutors often turned to me first to answer their questions before they asked others in the class.It's probably because my name is a lot more easier to remember than other students' name which are so unique and rare.Mine is just so common.I prefer others to call me using just a part of my name so that they'll remember it easily.It's Linda.^.^
    Back to the topic,so that's is me.A lazy student.And when the exam is around the corner that's when I will really start studying.I'll frantically search for reference books and notes.That's when I really tried to understand all the topics I've should learn months ago.I know,a lot of people say studying at the very last minutes won't help you in the examination.My teachers and lectures especially talk about this a lot.But that's how I've survived all these years.That's how I get to where I am here.So I think it's working.At least for me.
     I've never been the best in my school or college,but I'm among the best.So I think I did well by studying at the last minute.But when I entered university,the final results don't depend merely on examinations.There are other things as well.The project,assignments,tests and presentation.With all these,I found myself constantly struggling for certain subjects,which is good for a lazy student like me.But I've also realized,university examination is nothing like the one in school.It's far more difficult than that.And that's when I realized,studying at the last minute isn't going to help me go far in pursuing my degree.It takes a lot more than that.It takes a lot of hard works.So from now on,I have to change my study habits.
     I hope after I posted this,I'll change my habits right away.I'll be a better student and make myself deserved to get a good result.My last semester result?I'm not the best and although I'm considered as among the best,I'm definitely at a lower level in the circle.So to me,please change your study style!

Kawamura Takashi-The Power Player

Kawamura Takashi
School:Seishun Gakuen Jr.High (3rd year class 4)
Date of birth:18th November
Blood type:A
Special skills:Burning serve
Favorite food:Big bowl of steaming matsutake mushrooms
Favorite brands:ASICS(shoes),Dunlop(racket)
Favorite phrase:Burning!!! (I can imagine how Takashi-kun will say this word^-^)

Personal view:Want a character with split personality?Here is one.In a common condition,Takashi is a nice person who lacks confidence in himself.He talks softly and shows care about the rest of the members just enough.However,when he gets the hold of the tennis racket he automatically became a different person.He will yell the word ‘Burning’ and have very much confidence in his play to win.At this time, he became very enthusiastic and strong.He is put in double with Fuji sometimes,and also played as the 3rd single.There are also times when he is put as the reserve player.Nonetheless,he is very optimistic and full of spirit to cheer for the Seigaku team together with the rest of the members and freshmen.His father owns a sushi shop and wanted him to take over of it when he can no longer make the sushi.Thus,besides practicing tennis,he also learns to make sushi from his father.The Kawamura’s Sushi is shown in the series a few times as the place for the Seigaku members to celebrate their victory after their matches.Takashi aims to be the strongest tennis player in the nation.He once said that unlike the rest of Seigaku tennis team,he didn’t have any specialties or techniques.The only thing he has is power and strength,thus he’ll use it to be the number one power player in Japan.There is also time when Takashi is confused whether to choose tennis or becoming a sushi chef after he finished his study.Hope you make the right choice Takashi-kun!^-^ 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fuji Syusuke-The Tennis Genius

Fuji Syusuke
School:Seishun Gakuen Jr.High (3rd year class 6)
Date of birth:29th February
Blood type:B
Special skills:Triple counter
Favorite food:Wasabi sushi,apple,Cajun cuisine,hot ramen
Favorite brands:Nike(shoes),PRINCE(racket)

Personal view:Another interesting characters in the series.Fuji is a 3rd year student who is in the same class as Eiji.Fuji sometimes played double with Takashi in the Seigaku tennis team and various time he is put in the single.Fuji is often seen smiling with a close eyes towards anybody regardless it is a friend or an opponent(However,when he is serious,his eyes will be open and he could be very scary…).He is a very nice person at heart and always treat others nicely.He is the only member in Seigaku tennis club that doesn’t affected by Inui’s special drinks while others would passed out when they drink it. Besides that,Fuji didn’t allow others to know his real feeling and he also hide his weakness very well from others.This make him to be the most difficult tennis player for Inui to get his data.He is considered as a tennis genius and prodigy,the second best after Tezuka in Seigaku tennis team.Although he is very good in tennis and has an unbeatable records in the ranking match,it is also shown that Fuji has not yet actually reached his potential.Most of the time, he didn’t play seriously in the match and he also once told Tezuka that he didn’t have the desire to win a match.He is more interested in bringing out his opponent potential to the maximum and beat it after that.It is also stated in the middle of the series that the only tennis player that can make him play seriously is Ryoma Echizen .He has a younger brother named,Fuji Yuuta in St.Rudolph Jr.High.Fuji is a caring brother and has always tried to protect his younger brother in the series.Way to go Fuji-kun…=))

Kikumaru Eiji-The Acrobatic Player

Kikumaru Eiji
School:Seishun Gakuen Jr.High (3rd year class 6)
Date of birth:28th November
Blood type:A
Special skills:Acrobatic play,Kikumaru beam
Favorite food:Nice and fluffy omelet,fresh fried shrimp,refreshing shaved ice
Favorite brands:Wilson(shoes),Dunlop(racket)
Favorite phrases:Hoi hoi;Too bad,no regrets,see you next week;Ochibi(jeez..too many v.v)

Personal view:Besides Ryoma,Eiji is my most favorite characters in the series.I found his character interesting enough to make my dull day shines^__^ He’s one of the senpai in the tennis team along with Tezuka,Oishi,Fuji and Takashi.He played tennis as double with Oishi.Together they are known as the Golden Pair of Seigaku.Eiji has a childish-like attitude and have a bright character most of the time.His bright personality is probably related to the fact that he comes from a huge family.He is the youngest child in the family and live with his parents,grandfather,grandmother,2 brothers and 2 sisters(wow…no wonder,it must be a very lively household=)) He is very friendly with both seniors and juniors in the team,thus he generally has a close relationship with every members in Seigaku tennis team. In the series too,he’d always called Ryoma as Ochibi which means kid.He is always seen with Momoshiro and they always teased other people especially the freshmen.In one of the episode when Oishi was late for their match,Eiji and Momoshiro has put a swimming cap on Katsuo,one of the freshmen so that he looked like Oishi.                                       As a tennis player,he is known for his acrobatic playing style beside having a very sharp eyesight that enables him to see a moving object clearly.He is also a good net player.He wanted to play double with Oishi,his partner for all his life and become the number one double pairs in the nation and finally in the world.What I like about him?Well,I like his childish character,his acrobatic play in the court,his cheerful comments and also the fact that he’d always treat Momoshiro and Ryoma when they went to eat together although it’s after being trapped by those two junior and freshman.Hoi hoi! ~.~    

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Graduation(Friends Forever)

Songwriters: Deutsch, Josh; Fitzpatrick, Colleen

And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives
Where we're gonna be when we turn 25
I keep thinking times will never change
Keep on thinking things will always be the same

But when we leave this year we won't be coming back
No more hanging out cause we're on a different track
And if you got something that you need to say
You better say it right now cause you don't have another day

Cause we're moving on and we can't slow down
These memories are playing like a film without sound
And I keep thinking of that night in June
I didn't know much of love
But it came too soon

And there was me and you
And then we got real blue
Stay at home talking on the telephone with me
We'd get so excited, we'd get so scared
Laughing at ourselves thinking life's not fair
And this is how it feels

As we go on we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change
Come whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever

So if we get the big jobs
And we make the big money
When we look back now
Will our jokes still be funny?
Will we still remember everything we learned in school?
Still be trying to break every single rule

Will little brainy Bobby be the stockbroker man?
Can we ever find a job that won't interfere with a tan?
I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's a time to fly
And this is how it feels

As we go on we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change
Come whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever

La, la, la, la...
Yeah, yeah, yeah
La, la, la, la...
We will still be friends forever

Will we think about tomorrow like we think about now?
Can we survive it out there?
Can we make it somehow?
I guess I thought that this would never end
And suddenly it's like we're women and men

Will the past be a shadow that will follow us around?
Will these memories fade when I leave this town
I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's a time to fly

As we go on we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change
Come whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever

As we go on we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change
Come whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever

As we go on we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change
Come whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever

     Obviously,this is a graduation song.And I always have a thing about this kind of song.It's probably because it revolves around school and friendship,which I feel close to me.But what makes this song to be so special to me of all the graduation songs I heard?There are actually a few reasons for it.First,it's because of the lyrics.I like the lyrics because it deals with a real situation.Most of it is just a daily life situation,but when it's being put in the lyrics,I immediately think about how valuable they were although it's just a tiny matter.
     Hanging out together,sharing our dreams,we joked around,and for me,I often skipped the classes with my friends(yeah,I know,I'm not a good student...).But when we graduated,everyone is going somewhere and we took a completely different path from each other.Like me and my three best friends that's what happen to us.Two of us,(one is me) went to a matriculation program but I'm at a north region while the other one at the south region.And one of us went to a nursing program while another one went for Form Six(it's a two year extended study in school to get a certificate equivalent to A-Level).
    However,thanks to the advanced technology such as cellphone and internet,we are able to stay in contact with each other and during a public holidays,we often meet together^___^
I think I wrote too long for this post..haha...can't help it..have to share it with you guys...sorry about that....=.=
    Anyway,enjoy the song and if you have any good graduation song,please tell me,I would like to hear it too....=))

Inui Sadaharu-The Brain of Seigaku

Inui Sadaharu
School:Seishun Gakuen Jr.High (3rd year class 11)
Date of birth:24th February
Blood type:AB
Special skills:High speed serve,data tennis
Favorite food:Durian and Italian soup noodles
Favorite brands:Puma(shoes),PRINCE(racket)
Favorite phrase:I’ve gather the data

Personal view:Inui is a data tennis player.Instead of going outside sweating while he’s practicing,he sits in front of the screen of a computer of video player to collect useful data to beat his opponent.He is often seen with his notebook to jot down his data while he’s watching the matches.His skill of collecting data is very accurate and cunning.He is able to collect new data while playing with a player that he doesn’t have their data with him although when he is injured.This makes him a fearful opponent as he can predicts all the opponent’s moves and the trajectories of the ball.Because of this special ability of his,he’s known as the brain of Seigaku who planned various types of practices for the team in order to bring out their highest potentials.
Besides that,he also creates various kinds of special drink that have a terrible taste for the Seigaku members to drink.All the drinks were said to be good to develop their physical strengths,however,due to its terrible tastes,besides Inui himself,the only person who can drink it without fainted is Fuji.When Inui is dropped from the regulars after his defeat to the 2nd year Kaidoh,he is still supporting the team from behind by planning a lot of practices for the team.In the Seigaku tennis team,he played as single.However,when he was helping Kaidoh to complete a new technique,he invited him to play double with him.Their double has defeated a lot of opponents and they slowly became a strong double in Seigaku.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Waiting Is Not My Thing (>v<)'s a situation you have faced for your entire life,believe it or not.We wait for many things and for various reasons.From the tiniest matter such as waiting for the train or bus to come right to matters that concern our lives such as waiting for an important occasion that will change our lives forever(marriage,for instance..).I don't think there's any one single person who likes to wait,but how many have the patience to wait?I'm not one of those high patience people,so I literally don't like to wait.I don't like to wait in line for my breakfast,or waiting for the bus to come or waiting for my friend to get ready to go out.I just don't like waiting.So,instead of going to my classes together with my friends who are in the same class,I walk alone to class,so I don't have to wait for anybody.As much as I hate waiting for others,I too don't like people to wait for me.Because it makes me feel uncomfortable knowing while I'm in my room getting ready,there's someone down there waiting for me to come out.Well,that's one from my everyday life.
      There are also another kind of waiting.That is waiting for your crush to notice you the same way you notice him.Although,I've never experience this,but I heard it a lot from my friends.I know you won't believe me when I said I never experience it.But it's the truth.I do have one or two crushes during my secondary school years,but I've never wait for anyone for such reason.And then there is also the one who spills hos heart towards you and expecting you to like him too.He'd probably say he's willing to wait for your answer or for you to eventually accept him.I don't like this kind of waiting too.It makes me restless and think about it all the time.I quickly feel pity to those who waited for me.So,I'll make a hasty decision to make them feel better.But most of the time,I ended up making them more hurt.Through my own mistakes,I learn that it's good to not making others to wait for you forever.But you also have to think about the situation carefully so that you won't end up in a messed up situation instead.
      All in all,I still don't like this waiting stuff.I'd rather spend my valuable time doing something I like or something that will benefits me rather than sit around waiting for whatever it is.One can wait if it's worth,but nothing is worth it for you to wait for it forever.Make up your mind,take a calculated decision and move on.

A Brave Heart from Australia

Who is this boy?Why am I doing a post about him?The very face you're seeing right now,is the face of a 13-years old boy who had give up his life in order to save the life of his younger brother,Blake,10-years old during a flood in Australia.He is just a normal boy coming from Toowoomba,Australia and live with his parent and younger brother.But what he did at the end of his life has made him to stand out from other 13-years old kid.Jordan,his mother and his younger brother went out to buy his school uniform when their car is engulfed by the water while they were inside the car.Having no other option,they had to go to the roof and although there were other people there,nobody tried to help them.Her mother called the rescuer.When the rescuer came,her mother had asked him to take Jordan first since he is petrified with water and couldn't swim.
"Save my brother first",that's what Jordan had said to the rescuer and with that,the rescuer had take Blake to the safety first.And when his turn came,both Jordan and his mother had been swept away by the floods leaving Blake the only one to survive.
When I read about this yesterday in Tumblr,I felt like crying and I tried to imagine what it was like for Jordan to give up his own life for his younger brother.For someone who was petrified of water and couldn't swim,he must be wanting to get on the land as soon as possible.But,when the rescuer had reach his hand for him,he in contrast had asked him to save his younger brother first.It's a brave and angelic act that we couldn't see very often.What's more it's a young teenager!His act shows his maturity as a man and not as a boy!I almost cried when I read along and trust me I'm not someone who cried easily.Imagine if it is us in the situation.Will we give up our entire life at such a young age for our siblings?To be honest,when I was his age,I don't like my own little brother and we fought whenever we see each other.And when he got in trouble,instead of helping him out of it,I laughed and smiled,feeling happy to myself.As I talk about this and compare myself with Jordan,I feel ashamed.I'm not a good sister and I'm probably a bad one.Jordan has made me think about my own acts towards my younger brother.I hope from now on,I'll treat my brother better,the way he is supposed to be treated and just like the way he's treated me with respect and love.T_T

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Death Note Characters-Light Yagami

Ehmm..Light Yagami(or Yagami Raito) is the protagonist characters.He is also known as Kira.I know there are a lot of differences between the live-action and the anime and manga.But I'm going to talk about it from the live-action view.He is a brilliant freshman university student who is taking law.He has a girlfriend who studies at the same university,Shiori Akino.Since his father is a police,he's been taught from small about justice.He's very upset with the injustice he saw around him,so when he found the Death Note he decided to use it to form a violent-free world or so he planned.However,when a numbers of criminals begun to die mysteriously,the Japan polices tried to investigate what was actually happening.The citizen was divided of whom is supporting Kira and those who were against him.Light became out of control as he begun to kill those who get in his way and try to stop him from killing the criminals.He even killed his own girlfriend with the Death Note.From the beginning of the movie,I don't actually like his character.Yes,his idea of creating a zero-crime world is good and all,but the method he used to achieve it is downright wrong for me.He shouldn't have use the Death Note to kill the criminal and it gets even worse when he started killing other innocent people like his own girlfriend and all the FBI detectives.He's trying to play God by controlling other people's death with the Death Note.However,getting deeper into the movie,I started to feel pity to him.Why?As much as I hate the fact that he killed so many people,for me Light himself is a victim.He is a victim of the Death Note.His intention to create a better world has made him into a heartless person.He is so confidence that he is doing the right thing that he even wrote his father's name in the Death Note.At the end of the series he is killed by the Death Note that he'd use all along.Before he died,he told his father that he is doing it just because he wanted justice.Probably some of you think Light is doing the right thing.But I don't.Although the use o Death Note has decreased the level of crime,it doesn't mean we have the right to play God by killing others at our own will.God is the one who gives us this life,so if anyone can take it back,it could only be Him and not other human being.Light may have a brilliant idea for justice,but his obsession of using Death Note has cause nothing but harmful to himself and others around him.It is such a waste that a genius like him end up that way.

Oishi Shuuichirou-The Vice Captain

Oishi Shuuichirou
School:Seishun Gakuen Jr.High (3rd year class 2)
Date of birth:30th April
Blood type:O
Special skills:Moon volley(he’s also a good gamer,supporting Eiji to play acrobatic)
Favorite food:Fried meat stick,clam soup and pear
Favorite brands:Nike(shoes),Wimbledon(racket)

Personal view:Oishi is the vice captain of the Seigaku tennis team. He is also known as the mother of Seigaku due to his natural caring and concerns towards the members welfare.In the team,he played double with Eiji and they are known as the national-level Golden Pair of Seigaku.They planned to play tennis as double forever and becoming the national number one double.Their dream came true when Seigaku won the National tournament eventually.However,later in the series after they have became the best double pairs in Japan,Oishi told Eiji that he wanted to be a doctor and would not go to Seigaku High School. He made the decision due to Tezuka’s arm injury and also the wrist injury he experienced.When Tezuka left the team to get a treatment for his arm,Oishi became the temporary captain.Oishi is quite popular with the girls.When he’d gone to the 2nd year class to find Momoshiro,all the girls has surrounded him to get his autograph(Oishi was blushing when all the girl went to him ^_^).In the series,during the National tournament it is also revealed that Oishi is actually a Yakiniku magistrate(emm…what is Yakiniku?It’s probably related to the part in cow’s meat).His close friendship with Eiji,his double partner is shown throughout the series (I like their friendship very much!^-^).That’s all for Oishi that I want to say=))

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tezuka Kunimitsu-The Captain

Tezuka Kunimitsu
School:Seishun Gakuen Jr.High (3rd year class 1)
Date of birth:7th October
Blood type:O
Special skills:Tezuka Zone,drop shot(too many so I’m just putting here a few)
Favorite food:Grilled eel with special sauce over it(according to manga)
Favorite brands:Mizuno(shoes and racket)
Favorite phrase:Let’s not get careless

Personal view:Tezuka or sometime also known as Buchou is the captain of Seigaku tennis team.In the series Tezuka is shown as someone who has a serious look all the time(probably being a captain has put him on so much stress?who knows…) and he is well respected by all members of Seigaku tennis club including tennis players from other schools.With his matured look,he doesn’t look like a middle schooler and he was even once mistaken for a teacher by Takashi Kawamura’s father.In the manga it is also stated that Tezuka is the president of the student council.He is very responsible and has always put the tennis club prior to himself.In a match against Hyotei Atobe Keigo,he sacrificed his own arm which was already injured in order to win the match for Seigaku.He had also refused a study abroad scholarship and an invitation to the All-star Junior selection camp.This is probably because he cared so much for Seigaku tennis club besides having done a promise with the vice captain Oishi to win the National tournament together.However,Tezuka left the tennis club during the Kantou regional tournament to get treatment for his arm.Close friends?Emm…I don’t see him being together with anyone for most of the time in the series,perhaps it’s due to his own solitary attitude?However,he was sometimes seen to hang out with Oishi especially when it comes to tennis matters.He is a guy who will only talk when it is necessary for him to do so and he hardly shows any emotion towards people around him.There are probably a lot of things to talk about him,but I’m afraid I’ll make you guys bored by talking about it on and on.He may not be my favorite characters in the series(gomen Tezuka fans,don’t get mad at me…^_^),but he certainly gains my respect for being a very responsible captain.And Tezuka’s Zero-shiki drop shot is one of my favorite techniques too.

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