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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Singing your dream in Dream High 2

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Do you know the essence of life? One of it is to love and being loved. Another one is to dream and to realize the dream. Everyone has a dream. What make us different are the intensity of the dream, our perseverance to reach that dream and the little luck that help along the way. A dream stays a dream if we don’t have any passion towards it. Some are lucky enough to pave a smooth path towards their dream, some are lost forever and jump to another track. And some others, struggle along the path.
This drama pretty much deals with the latter, representing the struggles of a group of teenagers heading towards their dreams. Its first season, Dream High received a very positive response from K-drama fans and many are anticipating this second season. Being a fan of the first season, I can’t wait to watch this new season, hoping it to be at least as satisfying as the first season. Since they named it Dream High 2, I expected it to be a continuation of the first season and I can’t help myself from hoping that the casts will stay the same. I’m sure that’s what others who have watched the first season thought too. Well, then you’re going to be disappointed with this second season. Except for the Kirin High School of Art which become the main center in this story, this new season has a complete different casts and plots altogether.
This drama revolves around Shin Hye Sung who is so terrible in singing yet have a dream to be an idol. Unlike other Kirin students, Hye Sung entered Kirin High through her high written-exam scores although she scored poorly in performance. Jin Yoo Jin, a troubled student who is talented in composing songs and always do street performances. He dream of becoming a rock star and often seen to despise idols. JB is one of the member of the idol group, Eden who wanted to sing solo instead of taking care of Si Woo the other member who lacks responsibility. Rian is a member of girls idol group Hershe under the same management with Eden. Rian initially wanted to be an actress but had to be an idol following the management request in order for them to help her to act. Due to a new law that forbids underage entertainers from doing performance after 10 pm, the management company transfers their idols to Kirin High. Idols existence in the school create some kind of tension among those who dislike idols such as Yoo Jin and those who admire them such as Hye Sung.
The series started rather clumsily especially in the first four episodes. It’s hard for me to tell at first if this drama centers around Hye Sung or Yoo Jin. The plot keeps changing between characters in a short time, thus it’s hard to feel attach to any single characters at first. It feels as if the first four episodes are wasted just to introduce us to the characters and their early struggles. It’s totally different from the first season in which the characters are all students who have yet to debut and each has their own inner struggles. In this second season, the characters are divided into original Kirin High students (yet to reach their dreams) and idols from an entertainment company (already living in their dreams-partially?). Perhaps I’m still very much attached to the first season that I think I expected too much from this new series. But it doesn’t mean that Dream High 2 is bad overall. I like the twist of how Hye Sung is so bad in singing but eventually we saw her talents in composing song later on which she doesn’t even realize it. It just makes me think that the thing that we like to do sometime is not the same with the thing that we are able to do.
I hope this series will continue to be better in the future episodes. The fact that it has different casts and plots shows it’s freshness. Although we’re all expecting something similar to the first season, come on, it would have been boring if this second season is just a copy of the first. Dream High 2 has its own strength with its own theme and casts line that consist of few trainees that have yet to make their debuts. So enjoy this series! Oh by the way, somehow I think JB is a combination of Jason and Sam Dong from the first season. (^_-)

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