Black Moustache The Written Chapters: July 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jay Chou-My Idol

I like Jay Chou! A lot! I don't know when I started to like him, it's probably when my
friend tell me about his songs. The first song of him I heard was Tui Hou which means 
Break Up if I'm not mistaken, correct me if I'm wrong since I'm not a Mandarin speaker.

There's something happened to me back then and my friend said what happened to me 
was like what's in the song so she suggested me to listen to the song and provide me the 
meaning...although the song don't really suits me that well except the fact that the song 
tells about a break up which is not wanted by both persons which is just like my story 
back then.But I like the lyrics anyway,in fact I like it a lot and I think it's very poetic.But 
then I didn't really bother to know who's the singer since I'm not someone who is too 
fanatic over a public figure.

Soon I get to know more and more of Mandarin songs and my friend offered to burn a CD 
for me and ask me to chose the songs during a phone conversation...All I have to do was 
listen to the song for a while and say whether I want it in the CD or friend never 
tell me any detail of the song..she just let me listen to them for a seconds and that's all.
After listening to almost 200 songs my friend check the playlist and told me half of the 
songs are from Jay Chou and the other were shared by various singers...I started to get 
interested since I like so many songs of him although I don't know all the songs were 
from the same person..ever since then my fond for him grew...and as I get to know his 
personality I've become more and more in love with him...I like him...!!! ^^

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Death Note-Introduction

I like Death Note Live Action...I honestly haven't read its manga because it's too complicated and too i haven't had the time to read the manga..but I've watched the live action repeatedly...I know some a lot of people say they are disappointed with the movie because it's not the same as the manga,but since I didn't read the manga you can say that I'm happy with the live action..I'm going to talk about the characters I like and dislike in the live action soon...since this is only the introduction...I can't wait to do that later...I'm busy's exam week..haha...

Prince of Tennis-Introduction

My first post goes to Prince of Tennis because I like this anime so much...I've just finished watching the anime and now began to read the manga...I know usually people read the manga first before watching the anime..but what can I say,this is me...I love the anime so much I know I'll miss it so much from now on..even when I was watching the last episode I feel like I don't want to watch it because I know when I'm done watching it,there's no more episode for me to watch...T.T
So sad..i like the anime so's the best anime I've ever watch for me...This is just the introduction..I'll post the details of the anime soon...=))

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