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Friday, December 16, 2011

You Are the Apple of My Eyes

Yes, time to tell you guys the recent movie I have watched..^0^ This time it's a Taiwanese movie that tells a true story that happens to the Taiwanese author, Giddens Ko. I guess some of you may have watched this movie and some of you may not have even the slightest idea what this movie is about. Ehmm..from the title, I expected such a cute, innocent puppy love of two teenagers with a dramatic twist the kind come from Secret (Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi) directed by Jay Chou (my crush!). Well, my guess came somewhat close to that, except for the dramatic twist part, and the cute part. I watched this story without subtitle, so I might missed a few important parts, please forgive me for that, since I'm using my limited mandarin to watch it..:)

This story takes place in 1994 when the main character, Ko Ching-Teng (Ko Chen-Tung) was 19 years old. Ching-Teng is a troubled students, who likes to prank his friends and does not pay attention to the lesson. In their class, there's a girl named Shen Chia Yi (Michelle Chen). Shen Chia Yi is liked by all teachers and students because of her good grades and good student attitude. Many boy students including Ching-Teng friends wanted to date Chia Yi, while Ching Teng on the other hand claimed that he has no interest in her. He was told to sit in front of Chia Yi after breaking a school's rule and that was the start of their friendship. After Ching Teng gives her his English textbook when she forgot to bring hers, Chia Yi decided to help Ching Teng to improve his grade. The two of them spent time together to study.

After graduation, they separate to enroll to different universities. Ching Teng called Chia Yi almost every night while they are separated. They eventually went to their first date during Christmas holiday. Ching Teng wanted to show Chia Yi his "manly" side and so he asked her to come to watch a duel he arranged with another guy. However, Chia Yi thought he's stupid and childish to injure himself that way and this lead to their first argument. Ching Teng was mad since Chia Yi does not appreciate his effort and so they broke up. On 2004, Ching Teng got a phone call from Chia Yi, inviting him to her wedding ceremony. Ching Teng and his friends come to Chia Yi's wedding and watched her walked down the aisle with another guy. It was a happy moment for all of them. After that, Ching Teng started to write a novel about his love story with Chia Yi.

Well, this is the first film directed by Giddens Ko and this is his true love story. It is said the name of the characters in the movie are the real name of the real person. It's a very simple movie with no complicated plot and twist. It may not be good enough as other dramatic, emotional love story, but I think it's really honest and by that it's closer to the audience that other movies. Most of us can relate this story to our own puppy love when we're still in school. Truthfully, watching this story made me thought about my own school memories. The typical behavior of students and teenagers, such as reading comic book during class, playing cards, playing prank on your best friend, disturbing girls, and forgetting to bring your textbook to class all is shown in this movie. The time when you're staying late at school to revise when the exam is near and hanging on the phone every night with the person you like, this is really what happened to many of us. Watching this movie, it reminds me of my own memories and I started to think, if I can go back to school again, what would I change? If I know what's the other person feeling at that time, what would I do exactly? Emm...

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Virtual Personality on Facebook

Hi everyone, how are you? Thanks for dropping by at my blog while you're online. Have you updated your own blog? Share it with me..:) By the way I bet you've also updated your Facebook status, am I right? Haha...don't worry, I'm not the next 007...I'm just using my common sense. Updating our Facebook status, isn't this the first thing most people do when they go online? Bingo, now I want to share with you guys about your personality according to your status on can we judged someone according to their status on Facebook? Now, don't stress up and take it easy, exhale, inhale, we're going to see our Facebook personality..^0^

STALK ME Personality
 "In my Biology class. Sleepy."
Emm, seems familiar? Yes, this is the type to update their locations wherever they are throughout the day. And if they're with someone at that time, they will also tag that person in their status. It's like they are drawing a virtual map of their whereabouts and there's really nothing to hide about their locations.

SAD CASE Personality
"The hero in my favorite series just break up with his girlfriend. So sadd...:"( "
Yes, we're sad to hear about that too, but if every single status of yours are about sad things, then your life must be miserable. Enjoy the bright side of your life and don't dwell on the sad things so much..^0^ Still want to post sad things? Don't have to provide all the juicy details. Because, 1% of your Facebook friends will get worried for you, the rest, well..they don't really care.

"Now I'm listening to my favorite song while eating a BigMac. Yummy!"
And...half an hour later he/she will be posting that he/she is already full after eating a BigMac. It sure good to tell everyone what you're up to, but telling your Facebook friends every single thing happening is not the way to do it. Don't spam the News Feed with the time you're wake up this morning and what you're eating for lunch all the time. These are normal things that normal people do in any normal day. It's not really what your virtual friends want to know.

"Why do I believe her easily? Backstabber!"
Wow...what happen? Who's backstabbing you? What did you tell her? Yes, that's the kind of comments will be made to this kind of status. It rise up our curiosity and make us to comment on the status. The owner will post a mysterious situation without giving any details or name just so that people will comment on it. Well, there's need not to reveal much details and name, but do it frequently, you're really turning to an attention seeker.

LURKER Personality
This Facebook friend has rarely update his/her status. Maybe once a month, maybe more than that. Ehmm...they're rarely online? But they're always commenting on others status!  They may also visit other Facebook profile who're not on their friends' list such as their ex or their ex's current girlfriend. Sneaky huh?
May also use a public figure or anime character as their profile picture.

 This is the kind to add just about everyone they think related to them in a way as friend on Facebook although they've only talked to that person once. They will add everyone who's going to the same university with them, your cousins, your other friends and even the school's janitor.

ON HOLIDAY Personality
"Eating Korean food at International Food Fair!"
So to go to a food fair while I'm here being buried under a heap of old research papers..>< Their life is so exciting, always there's an event happening in their life,experiencing new things, plans to do and photos uploaded. They sure live their life to the fullest..^^

SO LOVED UP Personality
"I love him more than I love chocolate...<3"
Yes, get all guys are so sweet..:)  Each status update are about the other partner. This is what happen when you're in love. Other friends, be ready to get jealous.:)

Well,  that's it! I'm sure there's a lot more that I haven't listed here, you can think of it yourself. What do you think about these Facebook personalities? Does any of it suits you? Me? Well, I can't really say which one I most fit in, I usually post many random stuff in my status. To those friends who are annoyed every time I update my status on Facebook, I'm sorry. I'll try to get better. Hehe...^_^ To others, this is not meant to be a stereotype or anything. Just take it for fun..^0^ Till then, bye! V(^_^)


What They Say?

Yes, just like the given title..that's what exactly I'm going to talk about today. I just feel the need to write about this since it's happening continuously around me, no matter where I am. This has been happening to me all the time, as far back as I can remember. And I can't help but admit that it does affect me gradually, dragging me away from my initial pathway. Alright, just what's this thing I'm talking about or am I just spouting nonsense now? Well, it's about how certain (should I just say most?) people around me have been acting all the time.

The overwhelmed feeling of afraid to look stupid and embarrassed in public have really become a trend to people around me. Yeah, I know, everyone doesn't want to look stupid and being embarrassed in public, sure enough. But perhaps some of us have redefined these two terms? What does look stupid means? What does being embarrassed actually refers to? Does saying "I don't know" make you look  more stupid than saying "Yes, I've heard it before but I forgot about it" when you're unsure about something? Does entering a class already full of students make you feeling embarrassed even when the fact is other than your friends no one else really notice it?

These are the kind of thing that happens around me. Everyone is just too shy to do anything when people they don't really know are around them. I know, we all have our shyness when we are around people we are not use to. But shyness needs a limit. If we're too shy even to ask our own lecturer about whether there's a class on holiday, then I think that's a problem. If we're too shy to ask the salesgirl at the shop for the price, then I think it's troublesome. If we're too shy to go anywhere alone, and have to ask a friend to accompany us even to the nearest grocery store, then I think there's really an issue. It really drives me crazy when a group of people is pushing each other just to ask the lecturer a simple question, like they are about to get scold if they ask it.

Maybe it's just me, but I really can't stand people who are too shy to do anything even a normal thing in public. We need our shyness, our humbleness but if it's too much, it can be troublesome. Of course, whatever we do, people will talk just like some of us talk about others when we see someone doing things we don't usually do. That's how it is. But if we really want to care about all the talks and the stares, the drawbacks are on us. We certainly are not able to experience many things in life, due to our shyness.

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