Black Moustache The Written Chapters: January 2014

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Maybe it's us who's changing

Change. Transformation. Transition. Whatever one might call it, it's a word people use to describe something that is no longer the way it is previously. It can be anything. The surrounding, rules, society, people, or relationship. What cause it? There are many factors which may interlink with each other’s. Changes in surrounding can change people which in turn can change the society and so on. I bet anyone of us have heard at least once from the people around us saying things have changed or perhaps we said it ourselves.

          Some changes happen because we make it happen while others occur on their own, unconsciously to those affected by it. And some people like the changes while others discourage it. I honestly don't really fancy the idea of change be it in surroundings or relationship. But as we go through life, as we grow up, things will inevitably change either gradually or drastically. We can't deny the fact that we're changing too. We're one year older with each new year that comes and we move from one grade to another. We left school, we started college or we enter the work field.

          Doesn't this mean change happens all the time? It's like a pattern that repeats itself again and again. But it's a random pattern that we don't know what form it's going to take every time it changes. So, why we are still making a big deal over changes that occur around us? Perhaps because we're still the same. Suddenly we don't get the jokes our friends are making anymore, we don't get the conversation our family are having over dinner and we don't get the temperament he's showing in the phone call at night. Then everything drifts apart even before we know it. We stop hanging out, we stop texting each other and we're left on our own.

          That's when we concluded that the other person has changed. Perhaps because that's the simplest logic to the broken relationship. Or it's easier to think like that than putting the blame on ourselves. But we forgot that change happen all the time. We're always moving forward, as the clock ticking, we're leaving the seconds which already became the past. We left our home, our school and our town. We went to separate ways and live in different environment and spend our time with different people.

I realize then the me now is no longer the same me I see in the photograph taken from my school's days. I feel like my hometown friends are becoming someone I don't know, but so am I. But it doesn't feel like anything changes or we're changing although we're miles apart because as we change together our relationship is still as strong as before. Our relationship hasn't change. We used to like the same songs but now we share different songs that we like with each other and for that reason it seems like nothing change between us. Either it is before or now, we're still listening to the same song. I learn to like her favorite song and she learns to sing mine.

          As I look closely at my friendship with my friend, I realize it's not that none of us are changing. In fact, both of us are changing, shifting our favorites and laugh at different jokes. But what makes our relationship to stay is our effort to accept the changes and to share it with one another. I'm glad I have a friend like her and I'm proud with our friendship. I love you LPL..:) 

         So, if you feel like things or a person is changing, don't be quick to point your finger at them. Remember you're changing too even though you don't realize it. If you're really honest in your relationship with them, it doesn't really matter who they were before and who they're becoming now. It only matters what the relationship means to you and to them. Take it as a challenge as though you're trying to know a new person if it comes to that. May everyone be blessed in their relationships. ^^

Random Act of Kindness

Have you ever give up your seat on the bus or train for someone else? Or help to carry heavy things for others? Perhaps you've given up your turn in the line to someone behind you who has fewer items than you at the counter?

          If your answer is yes to any of the questions, congratulation ~~*^v^*~~ You have just done a random act of kindness. So what is that supposed to mean exactly? Alright, don't worry, it's nothing complex. Random act of kindness simply means doing your good deed to a complete stranger who you don't know in your life or you've never seen before.

          Of course every one of us have done some good things to people around us like me, I've been helping my mother to wash the dishes after every meals. No scratch that, that's one of my chores. And I've helped my friends too here and now or they might unfriend me (lol just kidding). Anyway, I'm sure you guys get it now; it's showing your kindness to someone whom you won't get any benefit from.

          There are many ways to spread your good deeds to strangers. And the basic of the basic, especially for the laziest people who still want to do some kind of good deeds to others next time you went to the restaurant, remember to say thank you to the waiters and waitresses that bring your foods to the table. Say thanks to the lady at the counter after paying for the stuffs. Don't want to communicate with strangers at all? Well here's the easiest one. Smile to everyone you see.  Smile to that cleaner at the building or to that fierce librarian who won't allow you into the library with slippers on. Don't overdo it though. If you grin like you've just won a lottery or something to a complete stranger they're going to assume you're mentally retarded or perhaps you're flirting with them.

          Think all that is a meh and you can do much better than that ? Here's an idea. Clean up your own table after the meal and throw you dirty dish to its container if it’s available. You make their job easier and also the next person can quickly seat there. You're not in a rush? Then help those tourists to take the right public transport to the national museum. Ever wonder how on earth a canned corn got stuck between the meats section at supermarket? Take it with you and return it to its shelf. And don't pretend you don't see that candy wrappers when you're walking. I'm sure there's trash can somewhere nearby. You step on a coin? Or a dollar? Take it, but don't put it into your pocket please. Bring it to the missing item counter and let them handle it. It may means more than a dollar to the person who dropped it. Or maybe you can put it into the charity case or whatever you call it.

          Why suddenly I'm writing about this? I just feel like I want to share this with others and perhaps I can make at least one person who's reading this to do any act of kindness to random people. I've seen it often how people treat others for granted. Rarely anyone say thank you to the waiter, cashier or the cleaner simply because we think it's their work anyway to do it. If and if only we show some kind of appreciation to others, they will be happier to do it and believe me, we'll be happy too. Only those who have done it will know how it feels like. There's some kind of satisfaction, achievement and happiness when we do this. Don't believe me? Well, why don't you try it out and tell me about it. Go spread the good virus. Woo hoo... !!!

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