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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cell & Tissue Cultures Practical

Alright, let's mark it in our calendars, no, I mean in my calendar, this is the the first time I actually post anything about the course I am taking right now. So maybe you guys don't know, I am currently a second year student in a local institution, pursuing my degree in biotechnology. So the new semester has just started and we have done a few experiments. One of it is related to the culturing techniques. A few weeks ago, we were actually culturing various plant parts into the culture medium.

The medium we were using is MS medium with hormones. We worked in laminar flow, but since the condition of the laboratory is not sterile enough, we still have contamination. We looked at our tissue a week later and some of them has started to produce roots and shoots and for my cases, I had a few contaminated tissues..:"(
But well, it's a new experience and I know we're going to culture a lot more after this. I don't actually like practicals and experiments, but right now I'm trying to have fun in everything I do and I want to make it meaningful, so I'm looking forward to our next experiment when we're going to deal with animal. I can't imagine what animal has anything to do with culture though. Have you ever did this experiment or something similar to it? Do share with me, I want to know how others did it. If you have any information please leave it in the comment too. I really hope anyone will share their experiences with me.:))
This one is cultured from a tiny segments of leave

One of my contaminated cultures, so sad..:"(

The Little Part of Me Is Missing

So, in my previous post, I have talked about myself changing, doing things I've never done before. So here's another one I'm going to share with you. For me, it feels, like a positive little changes, but who am I to ensure that I'm changing for the better. But lately I've been thinking a lot about how the past affected me even now. I was so stiff in the past that I don't appreciate every moments I had, especially with my friends back then in college before I entered the university.
However recently, I've been missing my old classmates and all the things we used to do together. Luckily, my best friend at that time was someone who liked to take a lot of photos be it during a program we had together or during any random days without anything special actually was going on. And I had all those pictures on my laptop memory, which is I'm glad that I didn't delete them. I looked at the picture sometimes and all the memories I had with them rushing into my mind as if it was only last week it happened. Back then I didn't realize I'd have miss them this much. We were only together for a year in a class of about 19 people coming from various backgrounds and places. 
I still remember when they made a surprise birthday party for me. I was showering and my best friend shouted from outside that we had extra class on that night. I didn't know about it, but I trusted her anyway, and I rushed to put my clothes on and I don't even care about my wet hair at that time. But my friend was a little relax beside me although she told me that the class has started. Because I was rushing, I walked in front of her and when I arrived I saw everyone was gathering and singing a birthday song for me. Even a few guys from the other class joined us at that night. It was the first program that we had together. And it's my birthday. I won't forget it for the rest of my life. 
All these 19 people, they were unique in their own way, that even now, I remember each of them so clearly. I can't even pick whom I was closer to. We're all so close. I miss them so much even now. Because of this 19 people, I have now realized that you've to cherish every moments you had in your life. There's no such things as little moment, big moments, or special moment. Every second you're breathing, each one of it is so special that you have to cherish all of it. I learn not to take things for granted anymore. Just because what you're doing is a routine doesn't make it any less special than those things you do once in a blue moon. In fact, those things that you do everyday worth more than those things you rarely do.
That bus you took every morning to your classes, when you're working later and had your own car, you're going to miss it. You're going to miss the morning rushing to avoid being left by the bus. You're going to miss that annoying feeling you felt every time you've to stand in the bus because there's too many people inside it and there's not enough sit. You're going to miss that worried feeling when the bus hasn't arrived and your class  is going to start in five minutes. 
This is exactly what I'm feeling now. I miss that little less populated town where I used to study with my friends. I miss everything about it. I miss the people and I miss the places as well. And I know, very much later in life when I've started working I'm going to miss this university life too. So I want to cherish every moment I have now, I want to keep this memory carefully so that I won't lose it. Thanks to my college friends, now I know how to appreciate the people around me more. Even when I know everything I have right now is temporary and everything will be leaving me soon to make room for new things, I know that the memory I keep is forever. I miss them.
Miss them so much..<3

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Embracing Your Mistakes

I'm actually writing this for the National Mistake Day which is on October 1st, but mind me, I totally forgot about it yesterday. Well, I make mistakes and that's what you're going to deal with in this post. My life is not mistake-free and I think everyone realizes that mistake is part of our lives, just like the saying goes, 'to err is human' (did I even get the saying right? Well, my mistake correct me if I'm wrong).

We all do lots of mistake and it happens all the time. Some people deny it, some people choose to overlook it and some just couldn't accept it that they often end up regretting and getting frustrated with themselves. When I was younger, I used to think someone who makes mistake is a failure, it's just bad and embarrassing. I was so scared of doing mistake to the point that if I don't have confidence in doing something I'll just let it pass by instead of trying it at all. I don't want to make mistake especially in front of others because I thought it'll look bad on me. But as I grew up and I met various kind of people who didn't share the same thoughts with me and have different experiences it made me realize, mistake is not bad at all. Thanks to a few friends of mine who wasn't scared of doing mistake like me, and who dragged me along with them to make the mistake together.

If you're afraid of doing mistake, you're going to miss so many interesting moment in your life, just like me when I was little. For instance, English is not my first language, but here I am writing for everyone to see in this foreign language. And I know there are a lot of grammatical error in each of my post, but at least I'm writing it and sharing my thoughts with others and this way, I'll improve my English too. Some people may laugh at the mistake I make, others might feel frustrated and wanted to yell at me something like 'can you mind your tense please?!!', but I don't care anymore about what others are thinking, I'm enjoying writing this blog. 

What I'm trying to say is, if you just let go of that feeling of afraid of making mistake, you'll definitely enjoy more in your life. Anyway the only people who didn't make mistake is those who are sleeping and those who never try anything new in their lives. Don't be afraid of making mistake, so you'll achieve more in your life. And to people who laugh while I'm embarrassing myself in front of them while trying something new, at least I have tried it, and you? Have you ever did it?

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