Black Moustache The Written Chapters: December 2014

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

That 4 Lads From Australia

So I have new obsession. Okay not quite new, I have liked them for quite some time already, but my obsession couldn't get a full swing with limited proper videos, audios, interviews and exposure of these guys. But now they have finally launched their music career and with a blast at that, it is so much easier to obsess about them and not that I can resist it, haha. Well, finally all those times watching all those bad quality videos and fan-deafening show performances are paid off. Their self-titled debut album has already come out somewhere in June, 2014 which you can basically listen to on repeat and ready to bleed your ears. Lol, at least that's what it does to me.  

Okay seriously, I found out about this band late in 2012 when someone on Twitter shared one of their YouTube videos with me. So I just casually checked them out on YouTube not really expecting anything. And nor did I get anything either after watching it. Like, it's all because of the bad quality of the video and I can't really hear them singing clearly. So i went on and checked all their other videos and all I can say at that time was, wow these guys goof around a lot, like really a lot. Are they seriously want to sing or they just want to have fun? But I can't really stop myself from laughing along with them as they forgot the lyrics, sung in a really weird voices, running from their parents and just really playing like they were in some playground. And that's what makes them different from others. They actually have fun with what they are doing. Doesn't mean they are any less serious though. They write most of their songs. And they play instruments. Yeah, they're surely not another pop band on their way.

Sigh..I think I went on and ranting again. Lol, that is just so like me. But all I want to say is this band is different than what the world mainstream entertainment had and it's kind of attractive in its way. Hey, being different is attractive. ^^ But either it is good different or bad different, I think we have to watch them for some time before we can decide on that. But right now, while they're still fresh from being YouTube famous, they're definiely a good different. What? Are you actually waiting for me to properly introduce and feed you with all the info about this band? Nahh...I'm not gonna do that. You can find that in just about another hundreds of website dedicated for them. Hehe..sorry...^^

What....did you just say they're just another One Direction material Nononono, don't even go there. How the heck they are anything like 1D? I have nothing against 1D, I'm in fact a fan of 1D too, but treating 5SOS as another 1D version 2.0 is just so wrong. (shaking my head in disappointment) You see they played their own instruments. And they write their own songs. And have you seen their album cover? Have you listened to their songs? They're definitely not a pretty boy kind of band and they surely not serenading a girl with sweet melody and lyrics about how naturally pretty she is. So yeah, this argument is invalid. 

For a starter listen to She Looks So Perfect which has already break through the Billboards. Or Amnesia which is just the opposite of She Looks So Perfect but just as addictive as SLSP (that is She Looks So Perfect for you, dude, you can't expect me to write such long title again and again, right?) But my personal suggestion? You should definitely listen to Out of My Lemon lol no, just kidding, that's not their song title. I mean, Out of My Limit and Eighteen. That is the real stuff about them although sadly the songs are not in their debut album. 

Owh lovely, we have reach at the end of this entry and all I ever wanted to say is that this band is awesome and I'm in love no, I mean I'm addicted and obsessed with them. I know, I know, this is one useless post, it's as if I didn't say anything at all, just bear with me will ya? 

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It’s Finally The Last Month of The Year

Hello, hi everyone. I hope you guys are doing fine no matter in which corner of the world you are. And thanks for still being here with me through my irregular updates on this blog. Yeah, can't help it that I'm not a habitual writer >_k. But anyway so much has happened since the last time I made an update. Like I have actually graduated from my biotechnology degree program. I can finally say goodbye to those years of studying ^0^~~  ...not. As a matter of fact I'm preparing for my master right now. I don't think I will be taking master this fast honestly, but yeah, things just turned out that way for me. 

Things have been changing very little for other parts of my life though. Some relationships fell apart and new relationships fall together. And some relationship is still as ambiguous as it was before. Not gonna elaborate on that though. I'm the kind of person who like to let fate or the other person to take the lead on how the relationship progress, so yeah, I'm not gonna do anything about some standing still relationship. Let it be is the way to go.

But anyway between all those blurry lines and not knowing which one is my next stop, here I am, at the very last month of the year. So I was still a degree student by this time around last year, and now I'm an unofficial master student. Owh, I wish my offer letter will come faster. 

So I'm not going to go into my ranting mood about how my past months have been and what I'm expecting for this December. But in all seriousness, December, please be nice to me. ()b

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