Black Moustache The Written Chapters: December 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

Coming Back To Hometown

The very road I passed by everyday back then
when I was schooling  at Taiping
Whoohooo...!!!!Finally I finished the torture period and my valuable three weeks holiday start now...!!!Haha..I'm so excited that I've to put the exclamation marks a lot...I really can't wait to reach home..Simply wanted to rest my head on my favorite pillow and lay my body on the's the best feeling ever...!!!Can't say much...I'm actually now waiting for my train to come to take me back to my hometown,Taiping.Damn...the train       as usual delayed for an hour...:'((
Well,I've waited ages for this holiday to happen,why can't I wait for another hour...not that I've any other choices... But anyway can't wait to reach home!Yeah....!!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Cutie Koike Teppei(小池 徹平)

Kyaaaa....!!!How should I start it?Should I introduced him as my crush?I'm not sure if I have real crush on him,but yes I adore him very much.He's Japanese.I first saw him in the Lovely Complex live action movie and I just think he looked so cute in the movie.So I begun to search more about him in the internet.Well from what I found he's not really a top public figure with endless list of movies and television dramas in his resume.He appeared in a few movies such as Gokusen The Movie and Kids as well as television dramas, Water Boys 2,Dragon Zakura and Gokusen 2(gosh...I never heard any of these,I'm so outdated)
Besides his acting career,he's actually in a street band(I'm not sure I should call them a band or just duo?Forgive me...) named WaT which consist of Koike Teppei and his partner Eiji Wentz.They wrote their own songs.I have just listened to a few of their songs and I think they're quite good.Well,it depend on the listener.Some might like their songs and some might hate it.But I'm quite enjoying their songs(probably Koike Teppei is one of the reasons..haha).Most of their songs have some kind of peaceful music that when I listened to it(plus looking at Teppei's cute face..^_^") that I can't help to feel relax and happy.This is just my opinion.For me Teppei can sing well and have a good voice too.But maybe he can be better after this.For those who about to listen to their songs,I suggested you guys to listen to A Brand New Way and Kimi Ni Okuru Uta(these are my personal favorite).
Koike Teppei can speak a fair English,that's a bonus for him I think.But most important is why do I like him?Ehmm...I'm not sure too.Maybe it's because of his big-rounded eyes,or his child-like face or his sweet smile or maybe it's everything about him?Lol..we'll see how long this adore-feeling will lasted.^0^

Monday, December 6, 2010

Jay Chou The Era World Tour Concert-Malaysia

Gaaahhhh...!!!I can drive myself nuts and get killed just by hearing his name.Jay Chou,a very talented singer,composer and director(and much more I guess) who came from Taiwan and have been stealing my heart just by his drop dead amazing voice(okay maybe I'm exaggerating here,but that's how much I like him..^_^"") is coming to Malaysia in 2011.I'm super excited for it.I came to know about this when I went to SOGO a little while ago and saw hundreds of people lining up in front of a booth as if waiting for something.That's when I saw the poster of Jay Chou The Era World Tour Concert.I remembered I was like screaming at the entrance when I saw the poster and my friend tried to calm me down..haha...I'm sure a lot of his fans have come to know about this by the time I'm posting this,but what can I say,I need to express my excitement..I really like him so much that I can scream just by hearing his songs in the radio.Lol..I'm talking too much..I'm not going to provide you a full details of the concert though since a lot of other sites have been posting it,I'm sure you guys can find it.Anyway,I'm posting this a little late while the other sites have posted it a little while ago.So here's a general
details about the concert:

Jay Chou The World Tour Concert
Date:5th March 2011
Venue:Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium

I'm not sure if there are still tickets by the time I'm posting this but if you really want to go to the concert you can ask around or directly call the ticket agent.If it's leave to me I'll surely go to the concert,but since I'm still a student who depends on loan and parents money,I don't think I can effort to waste a huge amount of money for a concert.There's no way my parents will allow me to do so...T__T
But although I'm not going to the concert I'm suer excited to know he's coming here...Darn...I even willing to go to Taiwan just to meet him.I love everything about him.His songs,his voice,his personality,and even the fact that he can't really act well.I love his talents and flaws..Jeez...feel like I am falling in love with I?
But anyway,that's all...I can talk about him on and on,but it'll only be about a girl who admires her idol so much and you'll find it annoying later,so before that happened I'm going to stop now.
Till then,keep supporting Jay Chou...!

Apple Tree Story

I think everyone knows the story about a boy and an apple tree...but still it won't hurt for me to post it as a reminder to all of us,it's a simple story with a very deep meaning in it...all of us have our own apple trees,that's our appreciate them while they are still alive.And hopefully after you guys read this you'll love your parents happy...^__^

The Prince of Tennis-My Synopsis

As the title obviously stated,I made this synopsis according to my opinion,so it doesn't necessarily to be accepted by everyone who has read the anime or watched the manga.You can find an appropriate synopsis for it at various fan sites,so I don't think I should repeat the same thing the other sites have posted.
The Prince of Tennis(Tenisu no Ōjisama) is a Japanese shonen manga written by Takeshi Konomi.It is about a 12 years-old Ryoma Echizen who is very talented in tennis.He is considered a tennis prodigy as he won four American Junior Tennis tournament.He then attends Seishun Academy(also known as Seishun Gakuen or Seigaku),a private school which is famous for its strong tennis club.Ryoma surprised everyone in the school when he beats two Seigaku tennis team regulars and secured a spot in the team as a regular himself.The story revolves around Seigaku tennis team as they made their way into winning the National Middle School Tennis Championship.Throughout the story,Ryoma gradually developed his own style of tennis with the support of the rest of the team members especially the captain,Tezuka Kunimitsu.Ryoma was said to not be interested in becoming a professional tennis player at the start of the story.He also sees his father,Nanjiroh Echizen,a former tennis player known as Samurai Nanjiroh and Tezuka Kunimitsu,Seigaku's captain who is considered as a national level tennis player as his rivals.However,it is the two of them that support Ryoma in their own ways into developing Ryoma's style of tennis.This story focused on a lot of tennis matches and techniques.Some of the techniques performed in the story are quite impossible and unexplainable for me to take it as real.I sometimes get distracted when I saw this kind of tennis techniques in the story as I tried to figure out how it can be explained logically,but well,this is only a story.You can't expect it to be 100% logic.But I enjoy this series so much.In fact it is probably the best series I've ever known.To those who haven't seen this series I recommend you to watch the anime.But as I said earlier,it revolves around tennis so don't expect anything else such as romance in this story.And plus,the anime is a bit different from the manga but it is still strongly connected to one another.I guess that's all I want to say for this part.Wait for my characters analysis and feel free to comment.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dear Family…

Dear a family of twenty years,

I never know how it begun
And yet I visualize the joy
The start of a fairytale
With hopes and faith
We framed it into a photo
And put it on the plain wall

Dear a family of twenty years,
I notice the early childhood
With purity and eagerness
As the bright stage in life
Drawing my very first dream
With the photo as the background
Can it be better than this?

Dear a family of twenty years
I rebelled my teenage year
And take things for granted
Though I secretly wondering
Where’s the smile in the photo
Which is now seem seasoned
Compared to the new painted wall

Dear a family of twenty years
I never thought this is how it ended
I tried to shut the fights away
Just like the broken frame
Fell on the floor into pieces
The photo was no longer on the wall
My heart was ripped immediately
And all the happiness gone away

Dear a family of twenty years
The screaming stabbed my heart like a blade
The tears engulfed me like a sea
The words sliced me into thin pieces
It was then I realized
The moment we broke apart
A miserable soul is what left within me…

By adnileon

Note:This is my original piece,so absolutely no reposting at anywhere without my permission,the pictures are not mine however...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Einstein or Marilyn Monroe?

It's amazing...and weird...haha...never thought it works...

Prince of Tennis-Where to Watch The Anime???

This is for those who still hasn't watch Prince of Tennis anime yet or hasn't finish watching it..There are of course a lot of sites where you can watch the anime,but most of them don't have the complete anime,do not have English subtitle or require registration or softwares download before you can watch it online,so to make your search for this anime easier I'll list the sites I've used to watch this entire anime...^.^

First of all,you can find the complete anime at
Just go there and type Prince of Tennis episode in the search box
But I don't know why,I don't like to watch it at the site,probably because there is downloading problem at the site since I'm downloading the whole anime(^_^),so below are the rest of the site which I've used and it's all working just fine for me...=)

Prince of Tennis Episode 1-178,
Prince of Tennis National Championship(OVA) 1-22,
and Prince of Tennis Special-A Day On Survival Mountain
you can watch it at Veoh with English subtitles,however some of the episodes are not put together,so you have to use the search box to find it...

Prince of Tennis National Championship(OVA) 23-26
Prince of Tennis Another Story 1-4 (Messages from Past and Future)
you can watch it at YouTube

There is also two animated movies of Prince of Tennis,
Prince of Tennis-The Two Samurai:The First Game
and Prince of Tennis-A Gift From Atobe
you can watch it on YouTube too,

Prince of Tennis Special-Band of Princes

Prince of Tennis Live Action(Japan)

Let's Go!The Prince of Tennis Chinese drama which is based on Prince of Tennis,

And not to forget the manga...:)
You can read the manga online at almost every manga site...I used this site where I can also easily download the manga too...^.^

I think I've included just about everything related to Prince of Tennis,but if you have anything else you want to know,you can ask me and also,if you think I've left out something important here or if there's any suggestion,please add it in your comment...^.^
Mada mada dane!

Dang!Everyone else is already packing up to go back to their hometowns and I'm still here counting how many papers left before I finally on my train to Taiping...:'(
Still have two more papers two go...two tough paper...
May the force be with me!^.^

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Suddenly become emotional...

I hope my life come with UNDO button,cuz there are many things that I can't retrieve...
1.Words that have been said
2.Time that past
3.Tears that I shed
4.Trust that I lost
5.Love that I abandoned
6.Confession that I ignored
7.Feeling that I killed

No matter how many times I step at the same place with the same person,these are the things that I can't seem to mend
Through times,the wound may be healed,but the scars will remain there
And like a clean sheet of paper
It can't be new anymore no matter how much I try to erase it
I act tough and keep saying I'm okay
Smile and life goes on with every new day that comes
People may think,laugh is the best medicine,but for me it's the best disguise....

Again Exam Stuff

Well,since now I'm having examination,I might as well post stuff that related to it...
Well,this is true for me...=)
In the end we all would rather FACEBOOK than looking through real book...=.=''

Even later I doubt I'm going to panic...

Yep..I'm dying right now...

A Friends Love

This is the a photo taken when my friends did love shape and an arrow during our lab period...i think it's my friends so much...we had so much memories together I'll never forget it in this lifetime..^^

I have always like Calvin and Hobbes's very interesting especially the main character,a 5 years old boy named, Calvin..although he's still young and didn't really understand life just yet, but he'd always say things we, as a matured people forget the most important thing in life..that's to live happily and be yourself...:)
This one fits me really well....I hope I won't fail any paper at all...I want to get the highest pointer...!

A new video I just made..this video is not mine...and I have no intention to claim any copyrights...I just add lyrics and translation to the video...It's Tears From Polaris by Nicholas Teo...Smiling Pasta,Taiwanese drama theme song...

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