Black Moustache The Written Chapters: 2013

Friday, November 15, 2013

A cloud's silver lining

Misfortune had just hit me right on my face a few weeks ago. It is the worst thing that ever happened in my life. And just what is that? I got stolen. I lost my scholarship money for the entire semester and also my cellphone while I was entering the faculty computer lab and left my bag at the outside. I didn't even realize it until about two hours after that. And by that time, it was already too late. The culprit has withdrawn all my money from my ATM card.

After repeating it for about hundreds of time to different people while filing a report to both the police and the security of my university, I really don't feel like going through all the details once again here. So the gist is I got stolen big time and what even worse is that I saw the culprit through the security camera although it's rather blur and still there's nothing could be done to catch that scum (mind my term). All I can think until now is that, all the security cameras were useless if it can't even make out what's the skin color or the distinct features of one's face. Well, CSI officers, just where the hell are you right now?

As far as I'm aware, catching the culprit has the same possibility as catching a big foot right in the middle of the city. That's another way of saying impossible and let's just get over it and let's find something else to do instead. I can't even rely on the police. It's embarrassing to say, but for me the police in my country is not the most trustful and reliable person I can depend on. And with the attitude the police in charge of my case is showing, I had even more less faith that he's even doing anything to get the case solved.

Anyway I received a lot of helps and supports from my friends all the while I'm making the reports, renewing my card and clearing all other messes the culprit had made. If it weren't for them God knows if I can even manage everything on my own. I am really grateful to them although I can't really express it. I wish I can say more than thank you to them, but there's really nothing I can do for now. I realize then how true is the saying that what one can do to others is being there for them.

One of my friends gave me some money although I refuse to take it at first. I don't really feel good to receive it since what she has done by accompanying me the whole day is more than enough. I really should pay her back. And others have collected some fund for me which also I received it. To be honest I really don't want to receive the fund since it's from many people, but as I think about it, I can refuse a money from one person but how can I ask them to return the money back to all the students who have gave it? It seemed rude and I have no choice but to accept them.

Maybe some will wonder why I make such a big deal about receiving money and help from friends. But for me it is. The reason why I don't expect much from others and don't really attach myself to others is because I don't want to depend to them so much and also I don't want to treat them differently. I don't want to treat a friend a little nice because she's nice to me while giving another friend a cold shoulder because she's not helping me with anything. Friends with benefits? I don't think it even should be called as friendship. Friendship should be honest and pure. If not it's nothing but just a mere relation between two people.

I just hope I can stay true to myself and will continue to treat others the same. To the friends who have been helping me all this while I can only receive their helps and say thanks, but how I wish they know how grateful I feel towards them. I'm lucky to have them as my friends. And from now on, I'm just going to hold onto the hidden silver lining of this cloud in my life...:)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Beast Teaching on L.O.V.E

(〜^∇^)〜(〜^∇^)〜(〜^∇^)〜First let us dance to celebrate Beast for their comeback and new album. This is a happy occasion for all the fans especially B2uties. I’ve always like Beast for their songs and also their main vocal Yoseob (gwiyeowo) and their rapper Junhyung (so cool, so Beast!). I actually learned to dance to a few of their songs like Fiction and Beautiful, just because I love the dance choreography so much.

But their recent comeback shows another side of them. The title song Shadows is written by Junhyung himself and it revolves about a person who doesn’t want to leave his loved one and doesn’t mind to be the shadow so that he will always be there for her. The concept is very much like their previous songs and the choreography as usual, only belongs to Beast. It shows their cool, manly side very well and I really like the dance. Dongwoon, the maknae has described the dance as hating someone and beating him before you reconcile back in Weekly Idol. You guys should watch it. It was so funny and weird at the same time the way he was explaining about the dance.

More than their title song though, I’m more hooked up in their other songs especially How to Love and You’re Bad. I can’t help to fall in love with the way the lyrics were written so poetically in both songs. Especially in How to Love, it’s beautifully written in the first verse where it sums up what love is all about that one should know. The lyrics narrowed the point right into the basic of loving someone which many have overlooked nowadays. It pointed out how falling in love can be easy if only people disregard a few things that has stopped them from doing so. I feel like the song is directed to people like me who find it hard to fall in love or even to like someone. For that reason I feel so attached to the song as though someone is telling me what I should have done to be able to love.

Contrary to How to Love, You’re Bad deals with a guy who still can’t get over his ex and couldn’t understand how his ex could forget him so easily and move on. He hates her for being happy without him and hoping that she would be unhappy so that she would come back to him. It's quite catchy and I've been pretending I'm Dongwoon ever since by singing the chorus part all the time. Apparently, many of the songs take a spin on a broken relationship. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the member break up (ehem, you know who), but I can feel the sincerity in this album and I don’t think it is done just base on one factor and it’s definitely not being done hastily either.

Maybe some of the fans don’t like their new songs since there are not many dance numbers and also slow beat, but for me, they have improved a lot and this album is much more meaningful when you look at the lyrics of each songs. I'm falling in love with them all over again.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Another Written Memory

Okay, call me a procrastinator… and a big one at that. This happened like a month ago and yes, I’m only posting about it now. But no big deal, it’s just a typical hang out with friends yet it’s the first one for me. o_o No scratch that thought you’ve just had on your mind. No, it’s not the first time I went out with my friends. Don’t worry, I have a pretty normal life, alright. Just once in a while, my friends got crazy and hey, you can’t let your friends get crazy on their own. Yeah, right, once in a while, I guess.

So we went to eat the oh-so-famous char kuey teow near our university. The thing is it’s so near to our university and we practically passed it back and forth countless of times for the past three years and none of them had ever tried it before. I’m not in any better shoes either, I’ve only eat it once with another friend of mine and never come back to that place again. 

Anyway we went there after our class and apparently the stall hadn’t opened yet. We decided to wait for a while considering that it would opened soon as in ten minutes or fifteen minutes the latest. Well, we did our math wrong and the stall didn’t open until about two hours later. I can’t help but wondering what we were up to and how much worth was the food for us to spend our precious hours waiting for it. But that’s where we had the fun. (^~^)

The worthy-2-hours-of-waiting 
char kuey teow
It’s evening, right after our practical class and we were basically starving and there’s a bunch of other stalls in front of us which sells from fruits to hamburger and from snacks to meal for dinner. You can imagine how it was. Our stomach started to do the rock concert and all sorts of orchestra while we were waiting for the char kuey teow stall to open. We looked at people dresses as they passed by and talked about a bunch of other things before we finally sat at the table of the char kuey teow’s stall. Emm...(food critics mode) the char kuey teow didn't really disappoint us and it's worth trying and to come back for. And before I forget, to those who had never heard of char kuey teow before, let me google that for you. Lol, just kidding. It is a stir-fried flat rice noodles with special paste or sauce that has many ingredients variations, which may include prawns and other seafood. That's what make it delicious..^^

It’s just a typical day, a typical group of friends and a typical char kuey teow stall, but for me the memories we made while waiting for the food was one of a kind. I’m gonna miss this student life as soon as I graduated and I knew it. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

To Sum It Up...

     Hello... alright, I damn miss this blog honestly. Although there were several times I feel like hitting the keypad and shared what's going on with my life but I just couldn't do it. Not because of the limited free time I had but also due to stress that's pushing me way too down that I just couldn't pull my head together to write in this blog. A lot has happened since the last time I wrote, but first of all though it's far too late, happy 2013 to all of you out there. Should I go "yeay" or "yeah..." for this new year? I don't know, we'll have to see to it.

     Anyway my first semester of the third year in university has about to end, it's examination week right now and I'm almost done with the exam too. I have one last paper on this Friday. And I started my first semester of third year by renting a house, so I practically live by myself now. Yes, no more staying in the college and joining all those college's activity unwillingly. I finally can claim my time in total for me, myself and I.

     Living by your own is fun though, it really feels like now I'm actually living on my own, becoming responsible of the house, bills, garbage and much more. It puts my mind at ease knowing that after stressful time at classes I can go back to my house and have a total rest without any other thing or person to disturb me. I have all my time for myself and I'm free to do whatever I want with it.

     But that doesn't mean life is all sweet and rosy, haha. Yes, more time for myself but as I started my third year, the subjects become tougher and the number of assignments increases too. I'm only taking five subjects for this semester with only 3 papers for examination, but really it feels like I'm taking 12 subjects altogether. Every day in the weeks with the exception of Friday I had my classes ended at about 5 to 6 in the evening. And since I'm taking Mandarin class too, it ended at 9pm on Monday. Since I'm taking a bus, it always stuck in jam and I'll reach home about 7 to 8pm. To add to that, thanks to my overly-excited Postharvest and Bioinformatic lecturer, he had us taking tests for every weeks and many times double tests at that.

     I know I'm complaining right now, that's just my nature. Anyway that has all passed by and seriously, I wouldn't want to repeat any of the course he is teaching. He might be a good biotechnologist, but that doesn't made him a good or a lovable lecturer in any way. He won't happen to stumble upon my blog and read this right? Haha...I'm so dead meat if he know I'm talking about it. Whatever, but I think I'll past down some advice to my junior who'll join his class for the new semester.

     So I rent a house and I also started on my research project which happens to be a lot tougher than I imagine, which I really not in the mood to talk about right now. I'll save that for later. And I did a short part time work at the beginning of the semester which I had to quit due to my surprisingly busy time table even in the weekends. But I get to go to the beach this year, which is perfect. We went at early morning, so nobody else was there and we could do whatever we like, it's like the beach and the ocean belong to us, haha. And I went to some popular shopping places too, thanks to my friends. And celebrate "someone's" birthday.

     Lots of good things happened and I have several best days in 2012. So all in all, it wasn't so bad and it's pretty much a good memory to hold to. I should really stop now, it's freaking long, nobody going to read it. Haha. So that's it for now. All the best for all of us in 2013.

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