Black Moustache The Written Chapters: February 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Never Ending Goodbye

    I don't know how should I start this?But I never thought that I'll eventually make a post about it.Apparently my judgement is wrong.Damn...I wonder if it ever been right.It takes me quite a while to finally decide that I need to do a post about this,just to express myself,to let out a little something that have been somewhere deep in mind for quite some time.Something that I've been suppressing from surfacing,something that I thought is no longer there.But now I know,I'm wrong,some things never really leave although it's over.That's a lesson I learn very recently.
    What does goodbye means?Look it up in your dictionary it may say that goodbye is an expression use when you're parting with someone or something,at the moment when they are leaving you behind.How many types of goodbyes are there?This isn't something you can look through your heavy and thick Oxford dictionary.This is something you learn throughout your entire life.Nobody can give you a list of goodbyes situation you'll face at certain period in your life.You'll find them one by one gradually,there's no guarantee you'll find all of it,but you certainly will face some of it at some point of your life.And no one can tell you what you've found is wrong or right.The lesson you learn from your life isn't some mathematical problems where there's only one correct answer or when the value is too big we'll just have to conclude it as infinity or when it's against the logic or ridiculous,undefined will come as the answer.Something that is true to you might not be true to someone else and something you cherish with all your heart is probably just another rock at the side of the road to someone else.
    Now let's get back to the type of goodbyes I said earlier.From my experiences there are the simple "I'll see you tomorrow" goodbye,the promising "see you soon" goodbye,the hopeful "hope to see you again one day" goodbye,the painful "let's go on our own ways" goodbye and the self denying "I'm so over it" goodbye or what I call as the never ending goodbye.A goodbye that you said repeatedly yet it doesn't seem to come to an end no matter how frequently you said it out loud or as a reminder to your heart.
    I thought by saying everything is over and it's really really over the goodbye will come easier.My brain know for a fact that the goodbye I'm experiencing isn't something that's within my control or the other person's control.It's the fated journey that I've to accept and as a weak human,there's nothing I can do to stop it from happening.I tried to act strong and to leave it behind me and move on.I was living well,I'm starting to forget that part of my life,that undesired event.I thought it's because I'm strong and that my heart understand that it's something nobody can retrieve back.
    Little did I know that my success in getting over it for a while is mainly because I didn't face with anything related to it.And recently,when I saw something that related to it,the strong emotion come back and without realizing it,my good mood has instantly changed to a depressing feeling that I can't exactly explain.That's why I'm writing about it now.Because of this,I realize that some things never really leave.It's still deep in our heart and just by a tiny cause,it can be stimulated to surface again.No matter how many times we tell ourselves it's over,no matter how much we realize it's stupid to hope for it to come around again,our hearts just won't listen to our brains.
    This is what I'm experiencing now.Although we didn't have an appropriate exchange of goodbye's phrases,I know for a reality that it's a farewell for us.And there's nothing can be done about it and there's no way that we can meet again at any time in this life.I almost cried and my heart feel like it's burning,but this goodbye I've been trying to make it as real still hasn't leave me.I don't know what else is there to do beside trying to be strong and avoiding every single thing that can remind me of it.
    You guys must be wondering what exactly am I experiencing that it's so hard to say goodbye to it?So that you know,a schoolmate of mine died in an accident on New Year day this year,January 1,2011 early in the morning.It comes as shock to most of our friends.And being quite close to him since we have the same group of friends,his lost really affected me.Every now and then,I'll see his facebook account pop up on my window whenever facebook trying to suggest me to invite others to join the game,event,pages or anything like that.Seeing his facebook is still there on my suggestion window,it feels like he's still there around us,like he's never really leave.But I know,he's already in a different world than all of us,I can't never meet him again,he'll no longer post his status update on facebook,but his name and memories never fade away in our minds.So appreciate those around you,especially your family and close friends.We never know when they'll leave us or if we'll leave them.Avoid argument and cold war no matter how much anger you have towards them.Don't say things you know will hurt them or things that you don't actually meant.If they suddenly leave you and your last words towards them is negative,you'll be left miserable for your whole life.Other than that,make sure you live your life to the fullest and don't let your worries trouble you.Life is too short to dwell on unhappy things for too long.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finding Love In Love Buffet

One of the romantic scenes in the drama^.^
Yeay,another Taiwanese drama that I'm going to introduce to you guys.It's a new drama airing on late 2010 and I haven't finish watching it yet.But I'm still going to tell you guys about it.So which one should I tell you first?Should I tell what this series are about or should I tell who's who in this series?Well,since the reason I'm watching this series is because of Arron Yan is in it,so I'm going to talk about it first.In fact I've mentioned who's in this series.Haha.Yep,Arron Yan Ya Lun is in this series as one of the main characters.Beside Aaron Yan,another Fahrenheit members,Calvin Chen is also in this series as the main character while the female lead is Reen Yu.Emm,honestly I don't really know her,so there's nothing much to say about her from me.I like Calvin Chen in this series because he's really sweet here while Aaron Yan is as hot and cool as ever.
   Alright,move on,now I'm going to tell you guys about the plot of this series.It's rather typical actually.As much as I like Aaron Yan,I still have to say the series doesn't really have anything new to show someone who have watched numerous idol love-themed drama.Now,don't attack me for saying this.It's only my opinion,and I'm not saying that I don't like the story,I'm just saying there's nothing really out of ordinary about this series.The story started when two guys who are related to each other move to the house above the home Xiao Feng is living.Xiao Feng is a first year university student who have a bright personality and really loves kids.She is played by Reen Yu(I don't know who she is until I watch this series).The two guys,Da Ye and Yi Cheng are cousins and having handsome looks,the two of them were quite popular in the university.Da Ye who is played by Calvin Chen is very friendly towards everyone and he treats every girl nicely making many girls to misunderstand him and easily fall in love with his charming personality.Yi Cheng or also known as A Yi in this series is the opposite of Da Ye.He's a genius,loves to read and going to library,not very sociable.He rarely talk and prefer to be alone.His character is played by Aaron Yan.And I know what you guys are thinking right now.Aaron Yan played a cold characters again?Haha,yep,it seems like this kind of character is suitable with him,although I actually love to see his smile.So just like other girls,Xiao Feng too start to fall in love with Da Ye and she thought that Da Ye has always treated her better than other girls.But when she confessed to him,Da Ye rejected her,saying that he doesn't know what love is.After that,Xiao Feng become closer to A Yi who always try to comfort her and it was then that Da Ye realized he is getting jealous with them.And for A Yi,although he secretly starting to like Xiao Feng,it seems like he still can't get over his first what will happen then?Since I haven't finished watching it I can't say anything too.
    But it's a cute drama and Calvin Chen in this movie is really adorable.Overall,this series is okay and fun to watch.So I'm telling you to start watching it and tell me what you think about it?Share your opinion with me so that I'll know how others see this series.Can't wait to watch the final episode..!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Just Another Tiring Week

Wow,it's already Friday and I don't even realized it until my friend told me this morning.I think that this week has gone too fast for me and I don't even realized what's happening in this week.Apparently it's another busy week for me and I thought I've had the hardest week ever if you read my previous post.And the way I see it,it's not going to be any better for next week.Things are getting harder and harder on me.>< For this week,I had two tests and I have to submit a complete outline for my English about English's supposed to be a group work,but,well,here's a line from Taylor Swift's song,A Place In This World;
I'm alone,on my own and that's all I know...
    Well,say no more,I'm doing it alone.So much for GROUP assignment.And there's other assignments too that I've to take care of all have to be submitted about three weeks from now.We have to do surveys and interviews for each assignments.Oh my God...I don't know if I can handle all of it or not.And to add the matter worse,I have to involuntarily joined as a committee for Malay Cultures' Night and I'll be in charged of the multimedia presentation which we are told that we need to do some kind of gimmick or attention getter.As if I don't have enough.I'm so tired of getting angry about all these that right now,at this state,I tried to act calm.Next week there's another 4 tests waiting for me,and I have to submit the essay for my English assignment(which apparently I've to do on my own) and I have to show some output already for the multimedia presentation.And let's not forget about I too,have to show some progresses for another three assignments I'm doing.And there's interviews and surveys to be conducted too next week.
    Even for this week,my schedule kept on overlapping with the meeting time for my group assignments and committee and club meetings.I can't imagine what will happen next week.Plus I've to prepare for 4 tests next week...!I really don't know what's going to happen next week.But I don't have a good feeling for it.
    Actually I've just finished a test this morning.So right now it's a free time for me.Usually at this time I have a lecture,but since today we're having a test and I finished it early,I have 30 minutes extra free time.It feels good to feel free like this.My roommate has gone out for shopping and I'm stuck in the room to start doing my assignments.I hate it.><

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ryoma Echizen-The Cocky Freshman

Ryoma Echizen
School:Seishun Gakuen Jr.High(1st year class 2)
Date of birth:24th December
Height:151cm(shorter than me!I’m 153..^.^)
Blood type:O
Special skills:Twist serve
Favorite food: Egg sandwiches, Chawanmushi, fried fish, Japanese food
Favorite brands:Fila(shoes), YonexBRIDGESTONE(racket)
Favorite phrase:Mada mada dane(Meaning:You still have a long way to go)

Personal view:Finally it’s Ryoma-sama turn^_^ He is not only my most favorite character in this series but also my crush of all time.How I wish he is real…v.v But now let’s not being biased,I supposed to talk about him just the way I talk about the rest of the characters in the series.He is a freshman in Seigaku who amazed everyone with his tennis talent especially when he became a regular after defeating two regulars in Seigaku tennis team. He is the son of Nanjiro Echizen also known as Samurai Nanjiro who was a professional player before.Although Ryoma actually is a left-handed,he usually played with his right hand to attack his right-handed opponent with his twist serve.He won the American Jr. tournament four times in a row at the age of 12.However,Tezuka his captain has noticed that all his techniques are a copy of his father’s and thus helped him to find his true tennis style.Although he is very talented in tennis and known as a prodigy,he is also a very cocky person and usually provokes his opponent at the start of a match making him to be equally dislike by his opponent.His obsession in tennis is shown in the series as he beats his opponents as he is evolving and developing his own tennis style.He is also a librarian in his school and he is good in the English subject since he used to stay in America.He didn’t really has a close friend due to his attitude of always doing things at his own pace and often seem not to care about others.However,this is not entirely true.Although Ryoma is seen as someone who didn’t care about others, he actually do care about the people around him in his own way.For example when Kachirou,one of the freshmen trio is showing protest towards Arai-senpai who was happy when Tezuka left the team to treat his injured arm.Ryoma also tried to find Momoshiro at the street tennis court when Momoshiro didn’t come to the club activities after being dropped from the regulars.Why I like him?I like everything about this chibi(kid)^_^ His cocky attitude,his provocation towards his opponent and his determination to beat his opponent with his own skills and also the fact that he is so blur when it comes to girls!=))Ryoma-sama,mada mada dane!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

If You're Afraid,Then Why Do You Want To Fall In Love?

So I heard this line being used in a new Taiwan drama call Love Buffet.It's quite a good story starring Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen from Fei Lun Hai of Fahrenheit.Well,I'm not going to talk about the drama just yet since I haven't finish watching it.It's still airing right now.I'll do a post about it once I'm done watching it.Anyway the above line is used by the female lead in the drama as she started to fall in love with the male lead of the drama.However,the guy has never fell in love too,so he doesn't know how love feels like.He treated every girl about the same way,being nice and fun to be with,making many girls to fall in love with him and misunderstood his way of treating them in the process.The female lead is one of the girl who fall in love with his kindness towards her.So she decided to win his heart though she knows the guy is less likely to date anyone since the guy admits that he didn't know how to love.So this girl used the above line to show that she has the courage to go through all the bad possibilities and negative outcome and wished that she could make the guy feel the same way about her.
    However,when I heard this sentence,I can't help but feel so disturb about it.I've never been disturbed by any line used in movies or dramas before.Oh well,I'm growing up now(I know I'm 20,it's kinda too late to say that,but I think compared to before I've become more matured and more sensitive,well,let's keep this for another time,the point is,I've become more sensitive).I personally don't quite agree with what the girl saying.It's a free opinion right?I just don't agree with it.If you're afraid,then why do you want to fall in love.This line simply seems wrong to me.Not quite correct to me.I mean,yes,some people are afraid to fall in love(I might just be one of them) but why do you want to fall in love?I don't think we can really choose whether we want to fall in love at certain time or not.It doesn't make sense.I don't think we can choose when we want to fall in love or who we want to fall in love too.Of course we can put certain category ad requirement for us to fall in love,but that's just our planning,we can't really make it that way.
    You can say that you want to fall in love with one of those charming guy and it'll be sweeter if you guys meet by accident or while you're on vacation at a foreign country,the kind of plot we always see in the movies,but will it really happen that way?No.And we put certain category like we want to fall in love with a tall,smart,cute and funny guy,who can make us laugh and don't easily get jealous and all.But there are times when we fall for someone who is too much old for us,having bad temper and actually one of those green-eyed monster.But we stick to them though we curse each other more than we actually hug and kiss.I see these kind of things happen to people around me.I never understand it.I'll sometime say "How come you like someone who won't even let you go out with your girl friends?He often accused you of doing terrible things.And all you guys do is quarreling.Why don't you just break up with him?" And my friend will say she still loves him although he always make her cry and all.I feel it's ridiculous.But I tried to understand them and I finally get the concept that we can't choose love.Unless we can make our hearts to listen to our brains.But hearts never think or hear,all it does is feel.Unlike our brains,through fact,analysis and reasoning we can actually change our view towards something.That's why our mind keep changing everyday.But our hearts don't work that way.
    I think if we really can decide on love it's be much easier and probably there'll be less pressures.Well,I've never really fall in love.I don't know why,but it's hard for me to fall in love.Sometime,I have a little crush on someone,but I've never really give any attention to the feeling,I'll just leave it like that and soon it'll somehow just gone like that.When I become more open to talk about this with my friends,my friends came out with a conclusion that I'm just too afraid to fall in love probably because I'm afraid to get hurt.This should be right I think.Who knows?I don't even understand myself.But what I'm trying to say is that there is no such thing that we can choose love.If we really can choose love,we will surely fall in love with someone who already likes us instead of stealing a glance at the other guy who doesn't even realize our existence.And then there'll be no one who choose to be out of love during the hardest time in her life,since it's at this time that we need love the most.There won't be things such as unrequited love and love triangle.
    But all these don't happen in reality.We fall for the wrong guys from time to time and we hurt those who truly love us.Sometime we meet the right guys in the wrong time that at the start there's no special feeling blossom but soon when there's so much experiences we share together we started to like him although we've never thought of falling for him earlier.Sometime we shared too much memories with someone that we take them for granted and at the same time looking for love from outside and only realize there's love between us only after they left us.We wanted to fall in love when we are at our best,when we are at the top of the society so that we can cherish the love more and be the happiest girl in the world.But it doesn't work this way either.There are times when we find love when we are at the worst state ever and we feel terrible for ourselves that we think we don't deserve love at that time.So even when there's love we tend to shut it away which not only result in the other party getting hurt by us but also we hurt ourselves.
    So for me,we can't choose love.We can't choose whom we want to fall in love with or how we want to fall in love with them or when should we fall in love.When it happen,it happens.We may pretend that we are not in love,we may pretend to love someone,we may pretend we're happy with them,we may pretend whatever we want because some of us are so good in pretending and lying to others.But that doesn't change how our heart really feel.So nurture your heart well so that it won't make mistake.But then again,I think in love there's no such thing as mistake.It's only lesson and experiences so that when we meet the right one we'll appreciate them more.It's not a crime to love someone who don't love you back,it's not a cruel thing to tell someone you don't feel the same way about them,it's not a sin to hurt someone you love unintentionally.Even in the most wonderful relationship with the exact person you should be,there are times when you're having doubt,when you hate him and you feel less love between you guys.Love is like that.It's not perfect.And when you fall in love and in relationship,it's not about the two of you trying to make it perfect and to compliment each other,but it's about accepting the imperfections as the joy of your life.
    What about you?I'm sure you have a different opinion from me.You're welcome to share it.^_^

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Justin Bieber My World Tour Concert in Kuala Lumpur

I have actually know about this quite a long time ago but I only write about it know after my heart has healed a little(no,I'm not sick,I'm just too heartbroken since I've to let go another once in a lifetime chance).I knew about it like two weeks after I knew about Jay Chou's tour concert in Malaysia.I had trouble to accept the fact that I can't go to Jay Chou's concert and now I have to accept the fact that I can't go to another concert of my idol,Justin Bieber.That's too much..:"( Wait,I shouldn't be talking about Jay Chou's concert here,it'll be very unfair to Justin.Justin forgive me.(^u^)
    First of all,congrats to all Beliebers and fans of Justin in Malaysia who had been trying since last year to persuade Justin to come here by doing polls and petitions.You guys are awesome!But I still can't go since it cost a lot of money and none of my friends are really into him as a fan either.I have to say it,no matter how much I like a popular individual,I don't act like the rest of their die-hard fans who's willing to make so much effort just in order to see them.For me to like them is one thing and to actually spend my money for them is another thing.Rather than throwing away my money to go to their concert,I can use the money to pay for fees and buy new clothes.Unless,of course when I'm already working and I have high salary that I won't have any worries of ending up eating instant noodles at the end of the month,that'll be a different story.Although instant noodles are also very expensive now.RM 1!That's so expensive.It used to be only 50 cents last time.The price has gone up double.Lol...why am I talking about noodles now?Justin,I'm so sorry!Back to the concert,here's a little information you may like to know.

Venue:Stadium Merdeka,Kuala Lumpur
Date:21st April 2011
Time:8.30 pm
Tickets:RM 498,RM 358,RM 288,RM 188,RM 98

    So,I'm not going to talk much about the ticket since I think most of it has been sold.The Malaysia's fans had actually been lining since 4am in the morning to get the ticket at Bangsar Village II Shopping Center.The concert is sponsored by TuneTalk.Beside Malaysia,Justin also will have the concert in Indonesia and Philippines on 23rd April and 10th May respectively.This should be one of the biggest concert happening for this year in Malaysia.Although I'm not going,I can't wait for him to come to Malaysia.Ah...21st April.While all the Beliebers were screaming on top of their voices during the concert I'll probably be reading through my notes and all since it's few days before my final exam.But anyway,welcome to Malaysia in advance Justin Bieber!! *(^0^)*
p/s:Here's a video of Justin Bieber message towards the Malaysian fans

Friday, February 11, 2011

Death Note Characters-L Lawliet

Ehmm...which part of this guy should I talk first?Should I start with his many nicknames and identities,his outstanding reputation as a detective or his weird and quirky personality?For me he's such an interesting characters as there are just too many things to talk about him.In this movie,he's the world top notch detective who has been called specially by Japan police to solve the Kira's case.During the investigation he goes by the name Ryuzaki to hide his real name.In fact he uses a single letter,L to represent himself to the world.At the beginning of the investigation,he only communicate with the Japan's police force through the mean of his assistant,the old man Watari.L is shown as secretive and quiet person and as said by the actor portraying him that L doesn't quite understand other people on an emotional level.This make him to be socially isolated compared to Light who goes to university and even have a girlfriend.Through the movie,L personality and weird behavior are shown gradually to the audience.He crouches on the sofa and chairs instead of sitting normally,he eats sweets a lot,a little too much for any normal people thus,his face is pale with thin black mark around his eyes.He also hold things rather delicately and type on the keyboard differently.He always bend his body too low and have a problem with his posture to stand straight.He wears plain white long-sleeves shirt and a blue jeans in the movie as contrast to Light who wears a rather semi-formal outfits such as slack and casual coats.Like a baby,when he is sleeping,L had his thumb in his mouth although he's not literally sucking it.
    Due to these quirky appearance of him,it's hard for everyone else to believe that he's the super detective with a respectable reputation in the world.However,L is proved to be such a genius in this movie and he has a great powers of deduction and insight beside being highly analytical.At early investigation,L had started to suspect Light as the Kira,but since he couldn't get any concrete evidence,he'd to keep the suspicions to himself and waited for the  time to act.When the situation gets trickier,L has become more confidence with his early theory that Light is the Kira and even get the feeling that he'll be killed with Death Note at some time in the future.However he still wanted to solve the case which leads him to sacrifice his own life by writing his own death in the Death Note.During this time,Watari is killed and L was so sad about it.Watari is the only person he can trust and they were so close since they had been together for so long.After the death of Light,Ryuk offers the Death Note to him which L refused to take.
    I think L is such a strong characters in the live action movie.Just like Light,he also value justice highly and and will not tolerate to those who abuse the law.However,he didn't think that murdering other people by mean of justice is right.He didn't become greedy with power although Ryuk offered him the Death Note since he saw right in front of his eyes how the book has destroyed Light's life.In the first two live-action movie which focus on the Death Note,we barely see the human side of him,he's in fact shown like a dead guy who doesn't have feeling at all.But in L:Change the World,we get to see his interaction with kids and a new assistant the FBI had sent to him.He didn't really know how to treat kids but he nonetheless,we still see the nice side of him as a kind-hearted person.
    L is one of my favorite characters not only in this movie but also when it's compared to other characters in different movies and manga.I like his character so much until there is one time when I watch the movie again and again and finally I'm influenced by L's way of walking and holding things.It was so crazy and my mother asked me to stop copying his style.When I talk to her about how much I love this character,she could only shook her head and asked me,"How come you like such a weird character?He's not even good-looking." And I replied,"how come I don't like such a unique character?He has a personality,genius and he's definitely cute to me!"

Momoshiro Takeshi-The Easy-Going Fellow

Momoshiro Takeshi
School:Seishun Gakuen Jr.High(2nd year class 8)
Date of birth:23rd July(He’s Leo just like me..^.^)
Blood type:O
Special skill:Dunk smash
Favorite food:Shrimp cutlet burger and very berry coco parfait
Favorite brands:Puma(shoes),Mizuno(racket)
Favorite phrase:Don(a words to show victory)

Personal view:Momoshiro or Momo-chan is the live of the Seigaku tennis club.He is the key to balance the members of Seigaku tennis team in my opinion.He is friendly with everyone in the club and even with the freshmen.He is often seen with the freshmen trio during matches and will explain to them about anything they didn’t understand about tennis.He wanted to be liked by many people and so he even asked the freshmen to call him Momo-chan instead of addressing him as a senpai.He is probably the person that Ryoma is closest to.When Ryoma wanted to go to America to enter a tournament there while Seigaku is going to the national,Momoshiro is among the person that felt reluctant to let him go.He is the first person to play with Ryoma in an unofficial match when Ryoma had just came to Seigaku.In the series,he and Ryoma had played street tennis together and developed their interest in double.However, Ryoma is not really good in double while Momoshiro is getting better in double as he became a pair with other members such as Kaidoh,Kawamura and Eiji.He is also close with Eiji,his senpai.Both of them like to tease other people.When he is dropped from regular at one time, he realized his own weakness.He tends to judge his opponent from their physical strength instead of their actual ability and tennis skills.Momoshiro also have a strong instinct that gave him the ability to read his opponent mind which he only realizes when the Seigaku team is in the national tournament.Although he is constantly seen bickering with Kaidou,he also helped Kaidou to calm down when Kaidou is in a desperate situation in matches.This is probably because they are rivals and they understand each other well.He likes to eat a lot and often go to the burger shop with Ryoma and also with the freshmen trio and Eiji at other times.Being a person that bring live and cheer to Seigaku tennis team,Momoshiro is one of my favorite characters.Keep going Momo-chan =))

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Things That I Like About The Prince of Tennis

I just thought that I should do a post about this since I like this series so much.There are actually a lot of reasons why I like Prince of Tennis(lol,I feel like I'm writing a school essay,haha,whatever).But I'm just going to put it generally though.And you can compare my reasons with yours too.^_^

Cool tennis techniques
        This is probably among the first reason why I like this series since the beginning.The authors,even from the start have introduced a few cool techniques in tennis at the beginning of the series.And with every new episodes,there are a lot more techniques being introduced and there are also improvement in the existing techniques.So it makes me interested to see all those middle-schooler performing various kind of cool techniques in tennis.It's also because of this series I've grown a fond in tennis.But I've never really try it.I hope one day,I can play tennis although I'm not going to be as good as the characters.In the series,the techniques I like the most is Ryoma-san's twist serve.Although it's a pretty basic technique for an advanced player,and it can be returned,I still think it's cool.This techniques will make the ball to curve towards the opponent's face instead of curving away from the opponent.This can be done by using Eastern backhand grip.Besides Ryoma,there are also other characters who can use this technique really well.However,this technique varies slightly according to the players who use it.Other character who also use it is Akaya Kirihara from Rikkaidai Fuzoku Middle School.

Ryoma Echizen
       Lol-ing at myself.Can this be considered as the reason as well?Come to think of it,perhaps this is the main reason why I stick to Prince of Tennis until the end and until OVA,National Tournament and all the mini stories inside it.Ryoma is a 12 year old freshman at Seishun Gakuen Middle School.Despite his young age,he's so talented in tennis and is able to defeat most of the other tennis players in the school although they are older than him.He'd also defeat Seigaku's regular such as Momoshiro,Kaidou,Inui and Oishi.However,most of the techniques he's used are copies from his father,a former professional tennis player.With the help of the other regular members and the captain,Tezuka,Ryoma soon developed his own tennis style and have the chance to perform in the American Tournament.So what I like about him?Too many things,so I'll just say he's a the kind of character I'll annoying,right?

Awesome Characters
      Besides Ryoma,the other characters are great too.In fact the author has took detailed studies in creating each characters in the series.Everyone is unique in their own way.There are the quiet Tezuka,the mother-like Oishi,the childish Eiji,the strong Takashi,the data-wise Inui,the straight-forward Momo and the shy Kaidou(I said he's shy because he blushed when people praise him).There are also other recurring characters from other schools which become their opponents during tournament.Among the most outstanding characters are Atobe Keigo(Hyotei Gakuen),Akaya Kirihara(Rikkaidai Fuzoku),Tachibana Kippei(Fudomine) and Mizuki Hajime(St.Rudolph).

Passion for tennis
       This is shown throughout the series.All of the characters have a strong passion to keep playing tennis.Although they are constantly being tested with so many problems,their strong will not to give up and to be the best tennis team in the Japan and also in the world,make them persistence.They are willing to sacrifice their times and energy to make their dreams come true.Tezuka and Oishi are among the fews who have risk their own health in order to play in the tournament.Despite his long-term injured of his elbow,Tezuka still played and gave it his all in the tournament.This is also true for Oishi,the vice captain who accidentally injured his wrist.

Interesting plots
       You may think that since this is a tennis-based series,there should be matches and tournaments non-stop.Well,that's not entirely true.There are also a few episodes where there are no tennis matches and the characters are merely slacking around.And yet it still an interesting episode.This is probably because of the charm of each character  that you can never really get bored when you watch this series.Even during matches,the plot is built so nicely that you couldn't wait to know what would happen next.


Monday, February 7, 2011

The Cutest Brown Sugar Macchiato

Alright I know,I'm way behind.This series has actually came out in 2007.But since it's only recently I have a change in my drama and movie taste,so please excuse me for being too late to watch this cute series.I just finished watching it during the Chinese New Year holiday.The reason I watch it?Emm..actually,I've been hearing people going all head over heel for Wang Zi,the main cast in this series.So I'm very curious why so many girls love him beside of his cute look and cool personality.
This series are about 6 boys with different personalities and background found out that they have the same father and they were about to inherit his wealth which guaranteed them to live in luxury for their whole lives.But they have to live together for one year period and go to the same school as a loving siblings.Besides,there are also other rules they have to follow to ensure them to get the money.And even if only one person does one mistake,their chances of getting the money will be gone forever.Thus,beside their differences,they live together and try to understand each other in order for them to inherit the money.However,in school,there are 10 girls in their class that like to bully the boys.So,they made a plan to defeat the girls and at the same time,they have to face other people who wanted them to break the contract so that they couldn't get their father's money.
This series are just too cute for me.I don't have to think what would happen next or why would the characters act strangely and all.It has a simple plot and it's very funny so all I did when I watch it was laughing at the characters innocence personalities.It's good to watch it to release your tension after sitting in the classes for a the whole day.All the characters are very cute too.Emm...I think now I like all cute things.Haha...just saying.
About Wang Zi?Yes,he's cute and he played as a cool characters in this series(he's considered clever among the six brothers).But I'm not his big fan or anything like that.I feel like he's trying to be cool in the series instead of being naturally cool himself.So he doesn't win a point from me.Oopps...don't get mad at me Wang Zi's fans,I know there are a lot of you out there.But don't hate me for this.Everyone has different opinions,right?Dui bu qi.But anyway I like Gui Gui,the female character in this series.She's just too cute and innocent.Her face is cute too and she acts like a child.I definitely like her.Hehe.So in case there are still some of you hasn't watch this series yet,I recommend you guys to watch it.It's fun and it really can improve your mood.Don't expect too much from it though.As I said earlier,this series is so light and have a simple plot.There are a few parts where it doesn't seem logic,but as long as you don't expect it to be so realistic,you can definitely enjoy it.Have fun!Monkey

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Debby Ryan-Open Eyes

Look around it’s deadly night
You’ve been losing every fight
You’re hopeless feeling broken
Your feet are rough
They’re scraped and bruised
But still have strength to take you through
Into the dark
Just close your eyes
And push right through
I know it’s tough right now
This was meant for you
When the clouds are gone
Not a shadow in sight
You’ll be drenched in the sun
With open eyes
Woah-oh-oh (4x)
At the beach the waves will crash
Tuck and grab and pull you back
The sun may be covered in gray
The sand will itch, itself may burn
Hurricane will take its turn
Until the dawn
Just close your eyes
And push right through
I know it’s tough right now
This was meant for you
When the clouds are gone
Not a storm in sight
You’ll be drenched in the sun
With open eyes
So close your eyes shut them tight
Let it be and it will fade away (day by day)
Push on through the strength in you
Let it be and wish it all away (all away)
With open eyes, open wide
It’s all good now, watch it fade away
Day by day
Just close your eyes
And push right through
I know it’s tough right now
This was meant for you
When the clouds are gone
Not a storm in sight
You’ll be drenched in the sun
With open eyes
I heard this song while watching 16 Wishes from Disney.And I like it immediately.For me it’s a good motivational song especially when the situation is just getting tougher for us.We want to give up and just run from the problems and all,but this song tells us to be strong and face it calmly.I like the chorus part.Gather all your strength and make it through,it’s tough,but God won’t let us face something were not able to overcome.So whenever you’re facing a tough situation,remember,it’s because you’re stronger than others and God knows you can overcome it.
Everyone has their own problems.There’s no one in this world who never have a problem.It’s how we deal with it that makes the difference.So,close your eyes,take a deep breathe and smile for happiness is just in the corner.Those who are able to laugh even in poverty,will make it through.

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