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Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Feeling of Freedom

When do you feel you're free? someone asked me this question today. And she's not asking about my schedule or because she wanted to ask me to go out with her or anything. But she was asking about the feeling of freedom. When do I feel that? And I can't quickly answer her. Though there's one thing in my mind as soon as I heard the question which is not the answer. But the fact that I don't think I've ever feel free.

But what is freedom or this free feeling she's talking about exactly After thinking about it I gave her two answers. The first one when I climbed or go hiking, because higher places like hills make me feel free. Being on the top and seeing all those buildings, streets, people and simply the town you're living in down there, it makes me feel like for a moment, while I'm on top, I'm not part of it. Like, I'm escaping from it. It's like letting go of whatever that is holding me back and defining my life and all those stuff that makes me as me. And that feeling of escaping and letting go and not owning your life for as long as you're on top it feels like a freedom to me.

But right after giving my first answer of being on higher places and as I think about the question in a much serious note, I thought about another situation in which I do feel free too. That is being with your family. This should have come as my first thought I think but it doesn't help that it has been a while since I've spend time with my family and I almost forgot how it felt to be with them. I've been staying away from my family since I was 18 years old which makes it 5 years of not living with them by the end of 2014 and now I'm continuing in my 6th year. Being with people who don't judge you and whom you know will always be there for you no matter what happen and who will always take up all your shits and make up for all the things you screw up, I think that is freedom. And just like being on the hill, when I go back to my family even for just one or two days I have that feeling of letting go of my life for a while, lifting my burdens and just be a children to my parents.

And speaking of children, I think that is freedom too. You know those years when we don't exactly have all these negative thoughts and things that hold us back from doing anything we wanted to do. Like our biggest worry at those time was probably when we are rushing home right after school because we're afraid we couldn't make it to watch our favorite shows. And we don't even care that our favorite shows was Are You Afraid of The Dark? (what, it's a cool show okay instead of watching Pokemon or Blue Clues like other kids. Being able to do what you want without concerning how other feels about it is freedom too.

So what is free feeling? Obviously it is subjective. Or perspective I might say. The way we're living our lives will determine the answer. I still don't know if I gave a good answer to my friend and perhaps if she asked me again on another time my answer will be different. But whatever the answer you have to this question, just know that you should treasure anything or anyone that can give you that feeling. Because trust me it is all rare item. Limited edition. Have a nice day, everyone :)

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