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Monday, January 14, 2013

To Sum It Up...

     Hello... alright, I damn miss this blog honestly. Although there were several times I feel like hitting the keypad and shared what's going on with my life but I just couldn't do it. Not because of the limited free time I had but also due to stress that's pushing me way too down that I just couldn't pull my head together to write in this blog. A lot has happened since the last time I wrote, but first of all though it's far too late, happy 2013 to all of you out there. Should I go "yeay" or "yeah..." for this new year? I don't know, we'll have to see to it.

     Anyway my first semester of the third year in university has about to end, it's examination week right now and I'm almost done with the exam too. I have one last paper on this Friday. And I started my first semester of third year by renting a house, so I practically live by myself now. Yes, no more staying in the college and joining all those college's activity unwillingly. I finally can claim my time in total for me, myself and I.

     Living by your own is fun though, it really feels like now I'm actually living on my own, becoming responsible of the house, bills, garbage and much more. It puts my mind at ease knowing that after stressful time at classes I can go back to my house and have a total rest without any other thing or person to disturb me. I have all my time for myself and I'm free to do whatever I want with it.

     But that doesn't mean life is all sweet and rosy, haha. Yes, more time for myself but as I started my third year, the subjects become tougher and the number of assignments increases too. I'm only taking five subjects for this semester with only 3 papers for examination, but really it feels like I'm taking 12 subjects altogether. Every day in the weeks with the exception of Friday I had my classes ended at about 5 to 6 in the evening. And since I'm taking Mandarin class too, it ended at 9pm on Monday. Since I'm taking a bus, it always stuck in jam and I'll reach home about 7 to 8pm. To add to that, thanks to my overly-excited Postharvest and Bioinformatic lecturer, he had us taking tests for every weeks and many times double tests at that.

     I know I'm complaining right now, that's just my nature. Anyway that has all passed by and seriously, I wouldn't want to repeat any of the course he is teaching. He might be a good biotechnologist, but that doesn't made him a good or a lovable lecturer in any way. He won't happen to stumble upon my blog and read this right? Haha...I'm so dead meat if he know I'm talking about it. Whatever, but I think I'll past down some advice to my junior who'll join his class for the new semester.

     So I rent a house and I also started on my research project which happens to be a lot tougher than I imagine, which I really not in the mood to talk about right now. I'll save that for later. And I did a short part time work at the beginning of the semester which I had to quit due to my surprisingly busy time table even in the weekends. But I get to go to the beach this year, which is perfect. We went at early morning, so nobody else was there and we could do whatever we like, it's like the beach and the ocean belong to us, haha. And I went to some popular shopping places too, thanks to my friends. And celebrate "someone's" birthday.

     Lots of good things happened and I have several best days in 2012. So all in all, it wasn't so bad and it's pretty much a good memory to hold to. I should really stop now, it's freaking long, nobody going to read it. Haha. So that's it for now. All the best for all of us in 2013.

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