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Friday, January 13, 2017

Special Day Everyday

Today is a special day! Because I'm again posting an entry here after what feels like forever. So to commemorate this day, I searched up for today's date to see if it's a celebration day for anything. And indeed, it is a special day. The are a few things being celebrated today from a gravy dish to working inspiration. While Curried Chicken Day and Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day get an entry of their own, I grouped the rest together in this list and you can choose your pick or just celebrate all of it, it doesn't hurt to have more causes for celebration anyway, *wink*. And now put on your best dress and get ready on your heels for this special list before you go out for a celebration. Happy day everyone!

Healthy Weight Healthy Look Day
If you're looking for a sign to start managing your weight and to lead a more healthy life, then this is it. This is the sign. And no, this isn't just about losing your weight, that's not the only thing in the entire healthy lifestyle universe mind you. Being healthy isn't just about eating healthy food but it also involve what we do in our day to be productive. So shoosh away your phone and laptop for today. Go out for a jog or a walk at your nearest park and be comfortable with your sweats, which is actually one of the weirdest thing I've ever say, hmmm. Well, anyway today is a good day to put your rusted muscles to use, let's go.

International Kiss a Ginger Day
Probably my favourite red haired
in the entire world 
No. Wait up. Don't just randomly go to your kitchen and make out with the ginger your mom bought from the grocery store, this isn't what the day is about. This is the day for us to show and spread the love for ginger colored hair gal and guy. This day has been created in response to a campaign Kick a Ginger (now don't hate them, I swear they're just desperate to kick some balls). I think all the hate and bullying of red-headed people come from the jealousy of such shallow souls. I'm gonna admit, red hair people are among the most attractive human being and not to mention they're really special since only 1-2% of them existed in the world which make them rare. Thanks to Derek Forgie, since 2009 this date has been dedicated to a much more peaceful activity, less kicking and uh, more kissing. So go kiss that ginger girl you have a crush on and proudly use this excuse. Or take a safer road and give them some Kisses chocolate, they'll sure to love it!

Work Harder Day
This is probably a made up day that I just can't seem to find the origin. But it's all for a good cause which deserves a celebration. Or is there a possibility this day was created by some underground employers club or community? I don't know, my lazy ass is being skeptical I guess. See that? See how unenthusiastic I am right now? I mean come on, how on earth do you celebrate a day for working harder? By working past the hours and into the morning? Yuck, I don't remember celebration is another word for suffering. Or by partying all day as a reward after working hard? Emm, that isn't the right thing to do on this day either, is it? And instead of working harder, I'll prefer to work smart and efficient and safe myself from the misery. Well now, let's just call this an awkward thing to be celebrated and get back to work. We need to work harder today don't we?

National Marzipan Day
I have a feeling that we actually have a holiday for every food that ever existed. This colorful candy with adorable shapes are made of ground almond mixed with sugar, honey or corn syrup. Sometimes almond oil or extract will be added too to achieve a stronger flavor. To celebrate this day you can either make marzipans yourself or better yet to stop at a confectionery store nearby and get yourself a marzipan to have a taste of this sweet day.

National Pharmacists Day
Well of course this is the day to celebrate the pharmacists who always know what you needed in time of need, well, medically speaking. Trust me, we wouldn't have survived until now if it isn't for the pharmacists making our days much more bearable especially when we're just not in the best condition. If you happen to be at a pharmacy today, show your gratefulness to them and wish them well so that next time your drop by, you're not going to worry if they're prescribing you to some weird strong drug again.

So haven't find any thing for a cause of celebration? Look up my next post for Curried Chicken Day and Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day!

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