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Friday, January 13, 2017

Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day

Alright now, who made this ridiculous prank? You better surrender yourself because apparently the entire internet is clueless of the origin of this absurd day. Seriously what the heck is a "fabulous wild men"? Because when someone say fabulous I think of a self proclaimed flamboyant good looking man who drive a Mercedes just to impress the ladies. And then wild makes me think of Tarzan and Robinson Crusoe which aren't that appealing to me. So uhh, can't I just use this day to feast on a rather cute hot clean-shaved Spanish guy instead? Just kidding. Really. Trust me I don't stalk Spanish guy everyday on Instagram. Where are we again? Oh right, fabulous wild men. The way I see it, it can also refers to guy that is wild in the romance department or on a more serious note, in the legal department. Anyway either they are a heartbreaker or rules breaker, let's feast on these list of guys that I think fix the description. So keep your box of tissue close and stay away from the police cause these guys about to go wild and break everything in sight. Hopefully in a figurative way.

Johnny Depp
I have to admit I'm not a fan of facial hair and I find guys with facial hair messy and unattractive most of the time. But as it has always been, there's an exception. And that exception come in the form of dark, brooding with an air of mystery named Johnny Depp. In all honesty, he's not attractive in the typical way a guy is, like he's not the handsome or the good looking heartthrob girls always drools over. But I have to say he has such a sexy lips and deep eyes that seems to swallow you as a whole. And the fact that he always play unconventional characters gave him this image as a rebel and its just something about bad boy that makes all women weak in the knees or the heart to be accurate. To be fair in this modern society I don't think anything spells wild more than a hot 19th century pirate. He has also gotten his share of trouble with the legal authorities with his known temper and the most recently the rumors of his abusive behavior to his wife Amber Heard.

John Mayer
Yes, another guy that doesn't typically fit in my book of good looking celebrity. But his dark locks and sweet voice definitely will swoon any girls in sight. And that's probably how he managed to date many equally attractive celebrities (mmm, equally problematic too) such as Jessica Simpson, Cameron Diaz, Mandy Moore and Taylor Swift. Notoriously known as the douchebags of the industry he's always making an offensive statements in media and sharing his interestingly unpleasant theory uhh, his crayon philosophy anyone? But if we managed to close our eyes to the fact that he checked everything in the bad boy list and just listen to his music, him as a singer songwriter, well he's definitely a romance worth dreaming of. Now imagine him writing and singing a song for you. It doesn't seem as bad right?

Colin Farrell
It seems that tall, dark, deep eyes men are my definition of fabulous wild men. Bad guys are probably more alike than we think they actually are. I think I started to notice him when he acted in the Minority Report and also Total Recall which are a good movie by the way. Always being listed as attractive guy across the Internet and magazines over the years, this Irish actor admitted to his drug and alcohol problems which he's struggling to overcome. Add on his foul mouthed habit, he's really a troubled guy. But that's no reason for the ladies to stay away from him, and among his long girlfriend lists are famous celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Carmen Electra and Demi Moore. However it's also hard to ignore the good he has done especially being involved in many charities such as the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics, UNICEF and The World Food Programme to name a few. So he's not all a bad seed, ladies!

Now of course there are a lot more out man out there that can fit into the fabulous wild men description. But this is what I can think of and whom I find at least attractive to fit the type. Can you think more of any other famous people that represent this type? Or do you have any other definition for this day? Share it with me in the comment section. Till then have a nice day!

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